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New Titles in Photography 21 April 2015
Skateistan - The Tale Of Skateboarding In Afghanistan

Publisher Skateistan
Idea code 15170
€ 43.00

How does it feel to be one of the first skateboarders in a country, and at the same time a girl in a conservative Muslim society? In a nation divided along ethnic and gender lines, how do art, education and skateboarding intersect to create new possibilities for change? Skateistan – The Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan shares the strange and beautiful intersection of traditional Afghan society and a new generation of Afghan skateboarders and artists. Through a balanced mix of words and photographs, the book pieces together the tale of grassroots NGO Skateistan, which since 2009 has brought skateboarding, creative arts, and new education opportunities to girls and boys in Kabul.

318 p, ills colour & bw, 22 x 28 cm, pb, English

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Leonard Fink - Coming Out

Isbn 9783905297461
Publisher Edition Clandestin
Idea code 15149
€ 43.00

Amateur photographer Leonard Fink lived and worked in New York City, documenting over 25 years of its gay life, including pride parades, bars, and especially the decaying architecture of the West Side piers, which served as a space for gay men to interact socially and sexually. From the mid-1970s onwards, Fink captured this time of empowerment, cruising, sexual freedom, and openness and experimentation, and his large collection of photographs has proven to be a significant and engaging visual record of the city’s gay subculture before the rise of HIV/AIDS would forever change it. This publication marks the first time Fink’s images have come together as a group.

224 p, ills bw, 24 x 30 cm, hb, German/English

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Yoshinori Mizutani - Colors

Isbn 9784865870343
Publisher Amana
Idea code 15147
€ 36.60

According to Ivan Vartanian, Tokyo-based photographer Yoshinori Mizutani “is part of the Tumblr generation of photographers”. Using social media, his approach to photography involves regularly updating his photo stream, following other users, and reposting images. In this virtual deluge of images, appearance takes precedence, which Mizutani reflects in his work: the vertical format signals the display of a hand-held device, artificial light sources (both ambient and flash), the inaccessibility of a purely natural world. His keen eye for colour and appreciation for detail in the mundane urban surroundings leads to a disconcerting yet beautiful expression of Japanese aesthetics.

184 p, ills colour, 16 x 33 cm, hb, Japanese/English

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Marie-jose Jongerius - Concrete Wilderness

Isbn 0028672540952
Publisher Marie-jose Jongerius
Idea code 15174
€ 40.00

With the disappearance of the traditional harbour in the 20th century due to the rise of the container, maritime space has become an abstraction – a forgotten space. Automation and computerisation have wiped away its classic image as the source of narratives, adventure, and work, replacing it with a sublime and unfamiliar landscape. Marie-José Jongerius followed the construction of a new container terminal at Maasvlakte 2, a major engineering project and extension of the Port of Rotterdam covering approximately 2000 hectares of reclaimed land. She photographed the new landscape at night with a large-format camera, creating hushed images of enigmatic beauty.

108 p, ills colour, 31 x 24 cm, hb, English

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Michael Wolf / Lam Yik Fei - Hong Kong Umbrella

Isbn 9783941825758
Publisher Peperoni Books
Idea code 15157
€ 30.00

Hong Kong's rich vernacular culture is the subject of many works by Michael Wolf. In his new book 'Hong Kong Umbrella' he turns his attention to countless umbrellas in the Back Alleys of the metropolis. Stretched and in all colors and patterns they lie, stand or hang everywhere, protect laundry, goods, market stalls and bikes or someone lies down underneath to have a snooze. This is the fourth of 9 volumes, Michael Wolf's Encyclopedia of street life in Hong Kong's Back Alleys.

80 p, ills colour, 16 x 21 cm, hb, English

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Ezra Nahmad - Sounds Hell

Isbn 9783941825734
Publisher Peperoni Books
Idea code 15156
€ 24.15

'Sounds Hell' is the second volume in Ezra Nahmad's Israel trilogy and like 'Sans | Without' it contains material from various sources. Own photographs and collages, media images and historical photographs paired with images and recordings from friends who work in the army. The title sets an aggressive tone and actually an atmosphere of violence and insecurity runs through the book, a mood which, as we know, currently dominates the Middle East. Ezra Nahmad, who was born in Israel a few years after the founding of the state and lived there till he was ten, feels the need to continue to deal with the situation in Israel and his ambivalent relationship with this place.

52 p, ills colour, 22 x 31 cm, pb, English

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Keizo Kitajima - Modoru Okinawa

Isbn 9780957414518
Publisher Gomma Books
Idea code 15148
€ 38.85

With the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, Okinawa became the momentary epicentre of a celebrative and raucous scene. African-American military personnel stationed at the Kadena Air Base, from which the long-range bombers deployed for attacks on North Vietnam, are the driving force behind an intimate collision of Japanese culture and the rising trends of black America. Photographer Keizo Kitajima visited Okinawa regularly during those years, wading into the island’s riotous and seedy nightlife to produce a seminal work of documentary photography. His series of previously unpublished images spins a vital portrait of this singular moment in time.

130 p, ills bw, 18 x 24 cm, hb, English

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Tomoko Sawada Facial Signature

Isbn 9784861524844
Publisher Seigensha
Idea code 15118
€ 52.25

Japanese artist Tomoko Sawada uses photography and techniques of performance art to explore ideas of identity, status, culture, individualism, stereotypes, and conformity through traditional and contemporary methods of portraiture, making use of cosmetics and costume to dramatically alter her appearance. In her various series, each photograph appears to represent a different individual or group, yet all of the subjects are in fact the artist herself. For her project ‘Facial Signature’, which considers the intuitive process by which people achieve cognition of true or false archetypes, Sawada transformed herself 300 times to look like a variety of East Asian women.

ills in colour, 15 x 19 cm, pb, Japanese/English

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Photography Now! Vol 2

Isbn 9784865870961
Publisher Amana
Idea code 15199
€ 38.65

This volume, published with a group exhibition at IMA Gallery in Tokyo, focuses on four Spanish photographers – Antonio Xoubanova, Ricardo Cases, Aleix Plademunt, and Óscar Monzón – who are emerging as part of a new trend in contemporary photography, one that is linked with economic and urban developments, and has given rise to communities of photographers and new photographic expression. Especially in Spain, photographers of this new generation are establishing collectives, publishing companies, and other independent activities. Includes top-notch images of painted pigeons, unsolicited snapshots into cars, and Madrid’s mysterious Casa de Campo.

90 p, ills colour & bw, 21 x 15 cm, hb, Japanese/English

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Silent Dialogues: Diane Arbus & Howard Nemerov

Isbn 9781881337416
Publisher Fraenkel Gallery
Idea code 15206
€ 31.15

Silent Dialogues, by art historian Alexander Nemerov, is a probing, intimate reflection about photographer Diane Arbus, the author's aunt, and her brother, Pulitzer Prize–winning poet Howard Nemerov, the author's father. "I have no memories of Diane Arbus," begins Alexander Nemerov in the first of two meditative essays that comprise this book. "A Resemblance" examines Howard Nemerov's complicated responses to his sister's photography.

104 p, ills colour, 18 x 24 cm, pb, English

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The Plot Thickens

Isbn 9781881337393
Publisher Fraenkel Gallery
Idea code 15223
€ 67.55

Published to mark the esteemed Fraenkel Gallery's 35th year, 'The Plot Thickens' is an eye-opening expedition through the history of the medium, with approximately 90 wide-ranging photographs by artists as diverse as Diane Arbus, Christian Marclay, Robert Adams, Bernd & Hilla Becher, Mel Bochner, Walker Evans, Sol LeWitt, Lee Friedlander, Alec Soth, Katy Grannan, Hiroshi Sugimoto and Richard Learoyd.

256 p, colour, 25 x 28 cm, hb, English

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Pietro Donzelli - Luce

Isbn 9783038500117
Publisher Nimbus
Idea code 15197
€ 42.80

Pietro Donzelli’s images of Italy in the 1950s and ’60s are today regarded as some of his most important works. Keen on observing the lives of ordinary people during the period following the devastation of the Second World War and prior to the country’s widespread industrialisation, he captured remote landscapes inhabited by a largely rural population. His light-filled journey began in his hometown of Milan, and subsequently took him from the Po Delta region in the north, to Naples and Sicily in the south. Published in conjunction with a large exhibition of Donzelli’s photographs at the Opelvillen in Rüsselsheim, this monographic volume presents his reportage-style series.

228 p, ills b&w, 23 x 31 cm, hb, German/English

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Jason Fulford - The Mushroom Collector

Isbn 9789081058469
Publisher The Soon Institute
Idea code 15160
€ 18.75

This publication reissues a beloved photobook classic – acknowledged as such by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger in the third volume of The Photobook: A History – that has been out of print since the hardcover edition was published in 2010. As photographer Jason Fulford (born 1973) recently learned firsthand, mushrooms have a way of growing and spreading wherever they touch ground. It all started when a friend of Fulford's gave him a box, found at a flea market, full of photos of mushrooms – unassuming pictures taken by an unknown but almost certainly amateur photographer, apparently as notes for some mycological studies.

188 p, ills colour, 13 x 18 cm, pb, English

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Encyclopedia Of Flowers Part 2 - Makoto Azuma | Shunsuke Shiinoke

Isbn 9784861524769
Publisher Seigensha
Idea code 15182
€ 33.45

Flower artist Makoto Azuma and botanical photographer Shunsuke Shiinoki present a second edition of their vibrant anthology, two years after the first. Focusing on the ephemeral nature of flowers while working to conserve in a concrete, tangible form the passage of time they embody, the authors use two techniques. The first highlights the flowers’ features and sense of presence by picturing them from overhead. The second applies a lateral perspective to capture the life force of plants as they stretch towards the sun. In contrast to the first edition, natural light sources were used as much as possible to illuminate the exceptionally dense and colourful palettes on display.

542 p, ills colour, 17 x 25 cm, pb, Japanese/English

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Cyrille Weiner - Twice

Isbn 9782919159093
Publisher 19/80 Editions
Idea code 15141
€ 37.65

French photographer Cyrille Weiner is interested in the unexpected uses and appropriation of places. His projects propose a free interpretation of urban, geographic, and architectural issues through an artistic practice that calls into question the fictional and poetic power of the photographic document. With two parts in a single binding, this photobook explores the fringes of urban space, places where the natural and built environments come together and interact, both on the city outskirts and within its confines; places often defined by nature taking possession of emptiness and the residues of human activities that have ceased. With a text by Marguerite Pilven.

80 p, ills colour, 18 x 27 cm, pb, French/English

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The Eyes 4: Inside Madrid

Isbn 9791092727081
Publisher Aman Iman Publishing
Idea code 15201
€ 21.50

This instalment of the European photography magazine features special interactive content that can be accessed by downloading an app and using your iPhone or iPad to view certain pages through the filter of augmented reality. The issue largely focuses on Madrid and Spain, bringing to light the hope and DIY-spirit expressed by young artists working there. The Spanish photography scene has found a way to emerge through collectives and books that express social connections and ruptures, even while “otherness” in Europe is observed with a keen eye. With contributions by Santiago Sierra, Jorge Galindo, Alberto García-Alix, Alec Soth, and Jeffrey Silverthorne.

160 p, ills colour & bw, 21 x 28 cm, pb, French/English

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Exit 57: Reconstructing History

Isbn 15772721
Publisher Exit
Idea code 15153
€ 29.10

This issue of 'Exit' reflects on the way in which photographs have worked to reconstruct history. The past is almost as infinite as the future and it has enabled man to develop his ingenuity and to create art, such as history painting: scenes of power told by artists of power, the quintessence of official history. Later, history coincided with photography, the best way we have ever found to tell a lie with all the semblance, symbolism and attributes of truth. With contributions of Eleanor Antin, Thomas Demand, Stan Douglas, Emeric Lhuisset, Yasumasa Morimura, and many more.

160 p, ills colour & bw, 21 x 26 cm, pb, Spanish/English

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