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New Titles in Art 6 July 2015
Mould 2: Curated By Joan Fontcuberta

Isbn 9788894036817
Publisher Mould Press
Idea code 15293
EUR 21.50

Curated by Joan Fontcuberta, this issue tackles the emergence of visual studies as a response to significant shifts in visual standards, as well as in social and technological issues, that have taken place since the 1990s. Not only does this refer to the increasing proliferation of images, but also studies the cultural repercussions of the crystallisation of reality into images. The generative, formalist, and conceptual notions that inform today’s visual culture are encapsulated in these pages through works, analyses, and critical insight. Featuring contributions by Pierre Cordier, Gundi Falk, László Moholy-Nagy, Gottfried Jäger, Alison Rossiter, and Andrew Wright, among others.

200 p, ills colour & bw, 17 x 24 cm, pb, English

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Platform Platvorm: The First Issue Summer 2015

Isbn 2451926X
Publisher Platform Platvorm
Idea code 15345
EUR 15.45

‘Platform Platvorm’ is an “open call” art magazine where artists are in control. Each participant has the opportunity to make a spread about his/her own work without any interference in the visual content. As a result, what is found on the magazine’s pages remains fully original, as the artist intended, not to mention very diverse. This first issue includes contributions from 90 artists and covers almost every imaginable medium, style, material, and approach, from photography, painting, and collage, to installation, sculpture, and found objects.

200 p, ills colour & bw, 20 x 27 cm, pb, Dutch/English

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Kasper Andreasen - The Place Of Writing

Isbn 9789090287713
Publisher Kasper Andreasen
Idea code 15302
EUR 15.40

Kasper Andreasen’s oeuvre encompasses drawing, printed matter, and map-making, with a focus on the relationship between the gestures of drawing and writing. Published on the occasion of an eponymous exhibition at the Cultural Centre Hasselt, Belgium, this book reflects his fascination with the cartographic and the ephemeral. Andreasen refers to his methods as “archi-textual”, principal ways of mapping writing and drawing activities into their respective image-forms. For him, the place of writing is equally significant as the writing tools and surface, the physical gesture, or the arrangement and context. With texts by Andreasen, Zlatko Wurzberg, and Clemens von Lucius.

88 p, ills colour & bw, 17 x 24 cm, pb, Dutch/English

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The Geologic Imagination

Isbn 9789082321609
Publisher Sonic Acts Press
Idea code 15295
EUR 20.05

Inspired by geosciences, Sonic Acts zooms in on planet Earth. Fundamental to 'The Geological Imagination' is the thesis that we live in a new geological epoch, the Anthropocene. Human activity has irreversibly changed the composition of the atmosphere, the oceans, and even the Earth's crust. Humanity has become a geological force. Consequently, the perspective has shifted from the human at the centre of the world to the forces that act on timescales beyond the conceivable. The way we see the world, understand the systems and processes of nature, and out intentions and interactions with the planet are central to this book.

334 p, ills colour & bw, 17 x 24 cm, pb, English

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O Muze! Inspirerende Personen In De Nederlandse Kunst

Isbn 9789490198169
Publisher De Hallen
Idea code
EUR 11.05

The extensive exhibition 'O Muse!' in De Hallen Haarlem shows which women and men were important sources of inspiration for Dutch artists from 1850 onwards. Individuals who inspired by their bodies, their personality or their expressions. Paintings, photographs, video works and sculptures from the 19th and 20th centuries are on display, complemented by notable contemporary examples. From Kees van Dongen, Isaac Israels, Jan Sluijters and Carel Willink to Gijs Frieling, Pavèl van Houten and Manon de Boer.

108 p, ills colour & bw, 21 x 27 cm, pb, Dutch

Crochet Coral Reef

Isbn 9780977962235
Publisher Institute For Figuring
Idea code 15379
EUR 50.40

Now perhaps the world's largest participatory art and science project, the 'Crochet Coral Reef' combines mathematics, marine biology, environmental consciousness-raising and community art practice. Almost 8,000 people around the world have contributed to making an ever-evolving archipelago of giant woolen seascapes, which have been exhibited at the Hayward Gallery, the Smithsonian and many other venues. This book brings together the scientific and mathematical content behind the project, along with essays about the artistic and cultural resonances of this unique experiment in radical craft practice.

208 p, ills colour, 22 x 27 cm, pb, English

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Sam Falls: Ferns And Palms

Isbn 9780985625146
Publisher Pomona College Museum Of Art
Idea code 15207
EUR 52.20

'Ferns and Palms' accompanies Los Angeles–based artist Sam Falls' (born 1984) first solo museum show at the Pomona College Museum of Art. The book includes his signature weather-driven paintings and a new site-specific outdoor sculpture composed on an altered pickup truck filled with succulents.

76 p, ills colour & bw, 22 x 30 cm, pb, English

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Nigel Peake - Through Along And Above

Isbn 9780957213753
Publisher Vaudoise
Idea code 15322
EUR 20.20

In 2014, architect Nigel Peake was invited by the Arts Committee of Vaudoise Assurances to provide a graphic reinterpretation of its head office in three monumental drawings. The building, designed by Jean Tschumi and completed in 1956, is the first example of corporate architecture in French-speaking Switzerland during the post-war period. Done in graphite, ink, and watercolour, these drawings prescribe the sequence of the book, both in its narrative dimension and in its formal concept. Each drawing is presented as a series of fragments – macroscopic views that show the attentive detail given to their execution. Together they exude flatness, distance, clarity, and void.

160 p, ills colour, 17 x 24 cm, hb, English

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Daniel Buren: 1965-2015

Isbn 9782914171588
Publisher Kamel Mennour
Idea code 15328
EUR 22.10

Conceptual artist Daniel Buren has produced his signature regular coloured stripes for five decades. His body of work is dedicated to integrating the visual surface with architectural space, and most notably finds place outside the gallery space on historical or landmark buildings. Buren’s particular method of abstract minimalism thus characterises his works as “modulations of space” in which colour, contrast, situation, and inventiveness come together in an expressive vocabulary of temporality and spatial plasticity. This exhaustive retrospective volume, published on the occasion of a solo exhibition at kamel mennour in Paris, paints a fascinating portrait of the artist through the years.

138 p, ills colour, 17 x 24 cm, pb, English/French

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Serial / Portable Classic - The Greek Canon And Its Mutations

Isbn 9788887029611
Publisher Prada Arte
Idea code 15367
EUR 55.35

The exhibition ‘Serial Classic’, focuses on classical sculpture and explores the ambivalent relationship between originality and imitation in Roman culture and its insistence on the circulation of multiples as an homage to Greek art. We tend to associate the idea of classical to that of uniqueness, but in no other period of western art history the creation of copies from great masterpieces of the past has been as important as in late Republican Rome and throughout the Imperial age. The exhibition comprises more than 70 artworks and opens with an in-depth analysis of lost originals and their multiple copies.

392 p, ills colour & bw, 21 x 28 cm, hb, English

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Yan Pei-Ming

Isbn 9788494216992
Publisher Cac Malaga
Idea code 15227
EUR 33.20

Shanghai-born painter Yan Pei-Ming left for France in 1980 to complete his artistic training at the École des Beaux-Arts. His body of work revolves around portraiture, religious subjects, and fragmentation, entwining themes of history and narration with those of identity and reconstruction. Born into the peculiar, brightly coloured socialist realism of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, he reinvented himself within the thickly applied, expressionist modernity of the West. His monochromatic portraits focus especially on the subject’s face, emerging from the turbulent void through bold layers of paint. This catalogue accompanies an exhibition showing 27 large-format works by the artist at CAC Málaga.

114 p, ills colour & bw, 26 x 28 cm, hb, Spanish/English

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Jr Inside Out-Japan

Isbn 9784906931187
Publisher Tokyo Calendar
Idea code 15202
EUR 21.00

With a desire to make his mark on public space and society, JR began his career as a teenage graffiti artist. He soon started to document his actions and those of other graffiti artists with photographs, eventually pasting photocopies of these to outdoor walls. These days, he is known for urban actions in which he takes photos of people and pastes them throughout the city – covering buildings, walls, stairs, ships, train cars, and other objects – in order to acknowledge their existence. Richly illustrated with photos and quotes, this book offers background on JR and his previous projects, but its focus is an extensive, year-long project at multiple locations in Japan.

128 p, ills colour & bw, 15 X 20 cm, pb, Japanese/English

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Yasuhiro Suzuki: Neighborhood Globe

Isbn 9784861524639
Publisher Seigensha
Idea code 15263
EUR 30.80

In this richly illustrated book, product designer Yasuhiro Suzuki presents an unconventional and profound journey through his recent body of work, filled with the inspirations and anecdotes absorbed through observations of the world around him, from water and time, to air and horizons. All of this springs from the phenomenon of the spinning globe upon which we live, something that has filled Suzuki with awe since childhood. Using scientific research and physical material experimentation, he cleverly translates the inconceivably large to the human scale, and makes the everyday seem extraordinary, thereby engaging our awareness of so-called “invisible worlds”.

306 p, ills colour & bw, 15 x 21 cm, pb, Japanese/English

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Akira Yamaguchi: Stepping Back To Seek The Underneath

Isbn 9784861524776
Publisher Seigensha
Idea code 15267
EUR 24.20

Published in conjunction with an eponymous solo exhibition of modern Japanese artist Yamaguchi Akira, this catalogue reproduces numerous artworks done in the painting style for which he is best known. His fusion of contemporary oil painting techniques with ‘Yamato-e’, a traditional Japanese composition style, leads to sometimes surreal scenes that transcend time and place, wherein a blend of fantasy and reality, tradition and modernity, coexist. Also included are many installation views in which the artist himself moves around the exhibition space following a specific route, which in fact dictates the layout of the book. With essays by Hashimoto Mari and Asai Toshihiro.

144 p, ills colour & bw, 22 x 30 cm, pb, Japanese/English

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Ramin Haerizadeh Rokni Haerizadeh Hesam Rahmanian

Isbn 9788867491353
Publisher Les Presses Du Reel
Idea code 15333
EUR 35.35

This is the first monograph of the collaborative practice of Iranian artists Ramin Haerizadeh, Rokni Haerizadeh & Hesam Rahmanian, an irreverently curated introduction to their art, (political) thinking, and humour. Their art takes multiple forms – films, installations, artworks, exhibitions – and often evolves around an array of friends, other artists, or people met by chance. These individuals bring with them a reality that interrupts the trio’s universe and language, and channels our attention toward unexpected territories. In this way, a great deal can be learned about how contemporary Iranian artists have absorbed modernity; a fusion of Persian culture and Western influences.

112 p, ills colour, 20 x 28 cm, hb, English

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Kishio Suga: Situated Latency

Isbn 9784908062056
Publisher Hehe
Idea code 15233
EUR 46.20

Japanese sculptor and installation artist Kishio Suga is a key member of Mono-ha, a group of artists who explore encounters between natural and industrial materials with their works. It represents a departure from notions of the artist’s intention, instead allowing the material itself to activate and speak, focusing as much on the various elements’ interdependency and surrounding space as on the ephemerality of the materials themselves. This catalogue accompanies an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, and traces Suga’s development from the 1960s and ’70s until today. Included are sketches and quoted material from the artist’s own production notebooks.

198 p, ills colour & bw, 22 x 27 cm, hb, Japanese/English

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Linda Hofvander - I Am Silver And Exact.

Isbn 9789198157383
Publisher Art And Theory Publishing
Idea code 15222
EUR 32.80

Materiality, spatiality, the imaginary reading of the green screen colour, and the illusory understanding of shapes: Linda Hofvanders photographic work holds surface and depth, material and image. She uses mundane objects and makes her own simple interventions to suggest possible readings. The book 'I am silver and exact' encompasses Hofvanders work and exhibitions between 2011 and 2014 with the exhibition Forestallningar (a Swedish word that means both performances and imaginations) as its starting point. The publication also contains two texts, by the artist Annika von Hausswolff, and the curator and writer Aura Seikkula.

64 p, ills colour & bw, 21 x 30 cm, hb, English

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Karim Noureldin - 10 Installations And Projects 2005-2015

Isbn 9783856166632
Publisher Christoph Merian
Idea code 15307
EUR 32.05

This monograph highlights a selection of projects from the past decade by Swiss visual artist Karim Noureldin. It also documents, with the help of preliminary sketches and large-format photographs, his large site-specific installations in a variety of corporate and public environments, such as projects in institutions (MAMCO Geneva, Helmaus Zürich) and artworks for buildings. Nouredlin’s collaborations with architects (Herzog & de Meuron, Müller Sigrist, Park Architekten, and others) are also featured. Essays by art historians Prof. Dr. Marie Thérèse Stauffer and Karine Tissot take a critical look at the artist’s body of work and his distinctive approach to design.

112 p, ills colour, 24 x 32 cm, pb, German/French/English

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Sterling Ruby Eclpse

Isbn 9789491245114
Publisher Xavier Hufkens
Idea code 15297
EUR 25.70

Published in conjunction with an eponymous exhibition of work by the prolific and multifaceted, Los Angeles-based artist Sterling Ruby at Xavier Hufkens in Brussels, this catalogue features his recent collage works. According to the text by Natasha Garcia-Lomas, “Collage is everything for Sterling… it’s the root and core of his output.” Made from cardboard salvaged from the floor coverings in the artist’s studio, the artworks reflect a newfound sense of simplicity and formality. The abstract shapes, which are reminiscent of suns, moons and overlapping landscapes, are painted in bright, primary colours. The book also includes black-and-white photos of the production process.

80 p, ills colour & bw, 30 x 25 cm, hb, English

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Sterling Ruby Scales

Isbn 9789491245121
Publisher Xavier Hufkens
Idea code 15296
EUR 25.70

Published in conjunction with an eponymous exhibition of work by the prolific and multifaceted, Los Angeles-based artist Sterling Ruby at Xavier Hufkens in Brussels, this catalogue features his recent endeavours making balanced hanging sculptures comprised of assemblages of random objects – three-dimensional manifestations of his collages that in turn recall the spirit of Alexander Calder’s mobiles. Full-colour photographs of each of the fifteen shown works are contrasted by black-and-white installation assembly views. A comprehensive list of materials (the objects employed in the making of these “scales”) is presented at the beginning of the publication.

80 p, ills colour & bw, 30 x 25 cm, hb, English

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Quantum Of Disorder

Isbn 9783856166687
Publisher Christoph Merian
Idea code 15285
EUR 32.05

With this title as starting point, scientists and architects provide insights into their world. Here, the issues revolve around the interplay between order and disorder, between system and deviation. Resulting from collaboration between the artists-in-labs program at the Zurich University of the Arts and Museum Haus Konstruktiv, this book is intended as an experimental framework, within which, findings from artistic and scientific processes meet.

80 p, ills colour, 24 x 33 cm, pb, German/English

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Jonathan Horowitz: Your Land, My Land: Election '12

Isbn 9781938922695
Publisher Gavin Brown's Enterprise
Idea code 15332
EUR 51.35

Your Land / My Land: Election '12 was an installation by New York–based artist Jonathan Horowitz that occurred simultaneously at seven museums across the country. The installation provided a space for people to gather, watch coverage of, and talk about the presidential election. An additional component of the exhibition was an interactive website that posted social media content from the Twitter, YouTube and Facebook feeds of both the Obama and Romney campaigns. Computers were stationed at each venue, and the site was also accessible from outside the museums. That exhibition website is the basis for the content and design of this book.

1240 p, ills colour, 13 x 20 cm, pb, English

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