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New Titles in Art 24 August 2015
Shepard Fairey Your Eyes Here

Isbn 9788494352867
Publisher Cac Malaga
Idea code 15414
EUR 69.10

The propagation of Shepard Fairey’s art has by now gained a global scope. With his highly recognisable style reminiscent of mid-20th century political propaganda – a bold colour palette of mostly red tones and chunky graphics – he is often considered the forefather of the street art movement, and combines subversive, sharp commentary with monumental, repetitive images. Stickers, posters, murals, and more fall within the realm of Fairey’s art. This massive catalogue offers a wide selection of works, reviewing his more than 25-year career while tracing an artistic trajectory influenced by music, politics, and environmental issues. Includes a text by fellow urban artist D*Face.

400 p, ills colour & bw, 24 x 31 cm, hb, Spanish/English

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D*face Wasted Youth

Isbn 9788494352850
Publisher Cac Malaga
Idea code 15413
EUR 33.20

Dean Stockton (D*Face) began his career as a street artist fifteen years ago in London by hand-drawing stickers and posters, and is now a leading figure in urban contemporary art. With his fusion of pop culture and graffiti, he has become notorious for witty and veneered cultural critiques that conceal more malicious undertones. In rethinking and subverting popular imagery, he encourages us to grasp our cultural environment, especially with regard to our increasingly bizarre fascination with celebrity, fame, and consumerism. This book is published on the occasion of his very first museum show, at the CAC Málaga, and reviews his entire career through 39 selected works.

142 p, ills colour & bw, 23 x 26 cm, hb, Spanish/English

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Robbert & Frank Frank & Robbert: Guns

Isbn 9789490800369
Publisher Art Paper Editions
Idea code 15424
EUR 33.00

Frank & Robbert have created a 400-strong armoury of harmless weapons made of wood. In dealing with killing hardware and all its social, political, economic, cultural, and sexual ramifications, the project is unambiguous. It is distinctly about the global omnipresence of guns – in the media, film industry, and our direct environment – yet reflects upon a broad set of issues, from the production and distribution of firearms, to their presence in our everyday lives and social imaginations. Moreover, it touches upon the emerging possibilities of DIY manufacturing of guns, such as 3D printing. Included is an essay by Charlotte Van Buylaere, translated into the six official languages of the UN.

224 p, ills colour, 22 x 30 cm, pb, English

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Philippe Van Wolputte: Temporary Penetrable Exhibition Spaces

Isbn 9789490800352
Publisher Art Paper Editions
Idea code 15454
EUR 25.70

A long-term project by Belgian artist Philippe van Wolputte that spans over a decade, ‘Temporary Penetrable Exhibition Space’ comprises a number of site-specific interventions in the public or semi-public space. The majority are temporary actions which are also clandestine or illegal, meaning that they generally go unnoticed by visitors or passers-by. In so doing, Van Wolputte raises questions about where the work begins or ends, what its boundaries are, whether or not the interventions actually took place, and if we are even able to tell the difference. Existing between the lines of fact and fiction, the sites documented in this volume cleverly address the notion of urban memory.

192 p, ills bw, 20 x 25 cm, pb, English

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The Shift: Art And The Rise To Power Of Contemporary Collectors

Isbn 9789188031105
Publisher Art And Theory Publishing
Idea code 15460
EUR 28.25

In pursuing their passions and goals, collectors engage in ingenious ways with artists, galleries, museums, and auction houses. Examining the attraction of collecting, its multifaceted social sphere, and the financial opportunities it seems to offer, this book also addresses how taste is formed and identifies possible radical shifts in the art system today. Here, the motives and behaviour of internationally operating collectors are analysed, disclosing the unwritten rules, active networks, and persistent myths of the rapidly growing field of art collecting. Based on the PhD research of Dutch art historian Marta Gnyp, it provides a wealth of information, theories, and empirical research.

320 p, ills colour & bw, 17 x 23 cm, pb, English

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Ulrika Sparre & Steingrimur Eyfjord: The Leyline Project

Isbn 9789188031112
Publisher Art And Theory Publishing
Idea code 15384
EUR 28.25

'The Leyline Project' is a collaboration between the artists Ulrika Sparre (SE) and Steingrimur Eyfjord (IS). Both artists' practices are in different ways based on notions of the immaterial, the spiritual, and the mythological. The project examines the ancient phenomenon of ley lines and the research includes several aspects of earth energies. The publication features a compilation of artworks, experiments, research, and tools emanating from this intangible theme. The artists, writers, and researchers who have contributed to this publication all have experience of the energy frequencies of the earth. The publication will help you navigate through the basic perception of energies.

128 p, ills colour & bw, 14 x 21 cm, pb, English

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Roni Horn: Butterfly To Oblivion

Isbn 9791094966006
Publisher Fondation Vincent Van Gogh
Idea code 15410
EUR 27.65

Published on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Roni Horn: Butterfly to Oblivion’ at the Fondation Vincent van Vogh Arles, this catalogue brings to light the connections and contrasts that occur on both sides when a contemporary artist is presented alongside works by Van Gogh. Horn’s technique of cutting up and reassembling large-format collages and drawings addresses notions of bringing movement and animation to a surface, while her glass sculptures allow the viewer to gaze into the interior of the material and observe its flowing transitions. Presented here are artworks she has produced throughout her 35-year career, including ones rarely shown in public.

96 p, ills colour, 25 x 31 cm, pb, French/English

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Poetics And Politics Of Data

Isbn 9783856166816
Publisher Christoph Merian
Idea code 15429
EUR 28.75

Whether using Internet-based installations or graphic data visualisations, these artists question the relevance and place of the individual in a technologically wired society in which each of us generates a nearly incomprehensible amount of data on a daily basis. The digital traces we leave behind reflect a world increasingly controlled by data, and the artistic positions presented in this book seek to make those continuous streams of information visible. Through the phenomena of “big data” and “data mining”, critical questions are posed about our ambivalence towards living in such a world. With essays by Orit Halpern, Claudia Mareis, Ramón Reichert, and others.

272 p, ills colour, 17 x 24 cm, pb, English

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Mobile Autonomy - Exercises In Artists' Self-Organization

Isbn 9789492095107
Publisher Valiz
Idea code 15461
EUR 20.45

Neoliberalism has taken autonomous professional values and labour firmly in its grasp. Work has become freelance, flexible, mobile, project-based, hybrid and temporary. This way of working is not new to artists. They have seen themselves confronted with these precarious conditions since many years. 'Mobile Autonomy' detects what modes of economy and different innovative working modalities artists and other artistic professionals have developed in order to create their work in today’s social, economic and political conditions.

256 p, ills bw, 14 x 21 cm, pb, English

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Teaching Objects

Isbn 9789491444234
Publisher Artez Press
Idea code 15373
EUR 20.05

'Teaching Objects' is a journey through art and culture. Jeroen Lutters takes us to see a number of artworks that give new insights into the foundations of twenty-first century civilisation and humanity. In this highly personal ans passionate account, he discusses his individual choice of great works – works that not only reflect the history of Western culture, but also continue to be a source of inspiration and meaning.

106 p, ills bw, 16 x 23 cm, hb, English

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Sprekende Objecten

Isbn 9789491444227
Publisher Artez Press
Idea code 15374
EUR 20.05

'Teaching Objects' is a journey through art and culture. Jeroen Lutters takes us to see a number of artworks that give new insights into the foundations of twenty-first century civilisation and humanity. In this highly personal ans passionate account, he discusses his individual choice of great works – works that not only reflect the history of Western culture, but also continue to be a source of inspiration and meaning.

106 p, ills bw, 16 x 23 cm, hb, Dutch

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Robert Smithson

Isbn 9780520244085
Publisher Moca
Idea code 15336
EUR 21.25

Catalogue to the 2004 retrospective of Robert Smithson's complex and highly influential body of work, this volume explores the transition between Smithson's early work, which draw from religious and science-fiction themes, through his Minimal sculptures based on crystal formations, to his renowned Earthworks. It also includes a catalogue of the contents of Smithson's personal library, as well as a previously unpublished interview with the artist conducted shortly before his untimely death in 1973.

280 p, ills colour & bw, 24 x 29 cm, hb, English

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Boris Mikhailov Arles Paris...and

Isbn 9782954476452
Publisher Tarasieve
Idea code 15401
EUR 33.15

Born in Kharkiv and already active as a photographer in Soviet times, Boris Mikhaïlov is considered one of the most successful photographers to have emerged from the former USSR. His style combines social documentary with conceptual art. The series ‘Arles, Paris… and’ comprises 67 photographs from 1989, retouched by the artist 26 years later, which thereby offer a fresh perspective on his work. Made on his first trip to the West, shortly after the Soviet Bloc collapsed, the black-and-white images, now ornamented with gold and splashes of colour, reflect his discovery of a new world, and convey his sense of wonder and disbelief. With an essay by Chantal Pontbriand.

86 p, ills colour & bw, 29 x 23 cm, hb, English/French

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Sculptures Also Die

Isbn 9788897889212
Publisher Cura.books
Idea code 15402
EUR 19.90

In this book, twelve international artists forge a reflection on the meaning, potential, and new experimental approaches in sculpture. Artists today tend to use new forms and materials to address a broader time span in an ongoing dialogue between past and future, yet they are also rediscovering materials like bronze, stone, and ceramic, which had become relegated to the purely academic sphere. Using the materials in a conceptual manner, they reflect on themes such as the monument, fragment, and temporality. Published on the occasion of an eponymous exhibition in Florence, with works by Francesco Arena, Nina Beier, Katinka Bock, Oliver Laric, Mark Manders, and more.

120 p, ills colour & bw, 17 x 24 cm, pb, English/Italian

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Kasia Klimpel The Grand Tour

Isbn 9789491843365
Publisher Roma Publications
Idea code 15388
EUR 22.65

This book is published on the occasion of an exhibition of ‘The Grand Tour’, a project by Amsterdam-based photographer and media artist Kasia Klimpel at the Mauvoisin Dam and the Musée de Bagnes in Le Châble. According to the artist, the project is “a travelogue through the world of maps” wherein she lends new meaning to the notion of the Grand Tour, which reached its heyday in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Klimpel uses the junction between the unfiltered mass dispersion of digital images and their use as dynamic artistic objects to insert her own photographic yet fictional model landscapes into the unpredictable algorithmic realm of global search engines and geotags.

48 p, ills colour, 24 x 30 cm, pb, English/French/German

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Jurgen Lehl: On The Beach 1

Isbn 9784908062100
Publisher He He
Idea code 15420
EUR 1.00

Jurgen Lehl established his fashion textiles company in Japan in 1972, and in 2006 he began to design ecologically responsible, hand-made products for Babaghuri. In recent years, while staying at his house on Ishigaki Island in Okinawa Prefecture, he was struck by the increasing amount of waste washing up on the beaches. Some of the trash is Japanese, and some has drifted ashore from other Asian countries. To attract attention to this serious epidemic of ugly debris, he began collecting plastic garbage to create colourful and surprising lamps. Filled with numerous images of these objects, this first volume also includes photos of the collecting and creative process.

180 p, ills colour & bw, 15 x 21 cm, pb, Japanese/English

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Kour Pour

Isbn 9788897503545
Publisher Les Presses Du Reel
Idea code 15437
EUR 38.70

British-Iranian artist Kour Pour elaborates large-scale paintings of Persian rugs by juxtaposing, with different techniques, sets of imagery, iconic motifs and religious symbols from different locations, traditions, time periods. In his work, Pour explores the way we collect information in the present day: exploiting Google Images and clip-arts CD-ROMS, he re-contextualizes the images onto the canvas which act as nets.

84 p, ills colour, 24 x 30 cm, hb, English

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Jesper Just (Palais De Tokyo)

Isbn 9782840668022
Publisher Palais De Tokyo
Idea code 15428
EUR 21.00

Jesper Just allows enigmas to disrupt his narratives of image, sound, and music, in turn creating tension, doubt, and emotion. This monograph is published concurrently with the artist’s solo exhibition, ‘Servitudes’, conceived for the Palais de Tokyo, comprising an audio-visual installation and a spatial intervention. The One World Trade Center is both the scene of the films and a character in itself. It functions as a phantom limb, while also representing resilience. Through two divergent but mirrored characters, the films explore themes of ableism and agency, as well as the boundaries of body and selfhood. With installation views, film stills, and a conversation with the artist.

96 p, ills colour & bw, 16 x 24 cm, pb, French/English

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Exhibition Reviews Annual 2014-15: A Selection Of The Best Entries From The First International Awards For Art Criticism

Isbn 9780992903947
Publisher Occasional Papers
Idea code 15457
EUR 4.50

The first annual International Awards for Art Criticism were held in Shanghai in November 2014. They are almost certainly the most open, and the most generously endowed Awards of their kind and provide a fascinating insight into the range of contemporary writing about art. As a record of some of the best entries of the 2014–15 Awards competition, this book serves as a chronicle of the year’s contemporary art exhibitions taking place around the world. While the two bases of the award are in Shanghai and London, and the languages for submissions are Chinese and English, this is a genuinely international project, with entries from as many as 40 different countries, on all the continents, and 22 regions or cities within China itself.

112 p, ills colour & bw, 22 x 30 cm, pb, Chinese/English

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Composing Differences Imagining New Models For Knowledge Production

Isbn 9782840667896
Publisher Les Presses Du Reel
Idea code 15427
EUR 22.10

Comprising a montage of theoretical and speculative texts, conversations, fictions, and documents, this volume explores different tactics of production and intellectual exchange that operate in the interstices between artistic, educational, and political contexts. In so doing, it imagines novel institutional forms at a time when a rhetorical crisis dominates the economic world, and when politics and media are pretexts for a growing privatisation of knowledge. Editor and writer Virginie Bobin thereby presents possible practices for the invention dynamic commons, based on the programme of research and events organised in the context of the ART2 festival (April 2014, New York).

208 p, no ills, 17 x 21 cm, pb, English

Koizumi Meiro: Trapped Voice Would Dream Of Silence

Isbn 9784773815108
Publisher Gendaikikakushitsu
Idea code 15415
EUR 29.50

Meiro Koizumi is a multifaceted visual artist working in the fields of collage, drawing, photography, and video. This introspective catalogue to an eponymous exhibition at Arts Maebashi presents a diverse selection of works exploring notions of Japanese identity, wherein the artist examines the boundaries between the private and the public, a domain of specific importance to his native culture. In the process, he also addresses the innate cruelty and violence of human nature. Koizumi describes art-making as recognising one’s own subconscious violence and cruelty through a process of identifying with gazes – how one looks at others or at tragedy.

96 p, ills colour & bw, 17 x 26 cm, pb, Japanese/English

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