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New Titles in Photography 20 October 2015
Desiree Van Hoek - Skid Row

Isbn 9789082414905
Publisher Desiree Van Hoek
Idea code 15555
EUR 40.60

Skid Row Los Angeles is home to some 15,000 (former) homeless people. Dutch photographer Désirée vanHoek documented the neighbourhood between 2007 and 2015. Being a former fashion photographer, her focus is on people’s dwellings, possessions, and clothes. The result is a unique portrait of a neighbourhood that is changing rapidly. Simultaneously, it’s a universal story about the way people survive under the most difficult circumstances. The book includes an introduction by Gale Holland, Skid Row reporter of the ‘Los Angeles Times’.

104 p, ills colour, 28 x 36 cm, pb, English

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Charlotte Dumas: Work Horse

Isbn 9780989785969
Publisher The Ice Plant
Idea code 15576
EUR 38.00

In November 2014 Charlotte Dumas began photographing the eight native horse breeds of Japan. Once necessary for farming and transportation, most of these indigenous breeds have lost their practical purpose and have declined in number. Mostly confined to small islands, the horses have never been able to migrate, and their future existence is now uncertain. In some cases, these near-mythical animals have become symbolic of their place, like the Yonaguni horse, which — together with the world’s largest moth and the marlin — is depicted on the manhole covers of this remote island. Each breed seems to unlock a history of its location and a story about the people who share its territory. This book, documenting Dumas’ project to date, portrays horses from the islands of Yonaguni, Miyakojima, Nagano and Hokkaido.

60 p, ills colour, 30 x 24 cm, pb, English

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Annegien Van Doorn - In Passing

Isbn 9789490119362
Publisher Fw: Books
Idea code 15525
EUR 25.70

Looking at the work of Annegien van Doorn, it is easy to notice her special way to face daily life: she is constantly looking for encounters with quotidian objects that are undoubtedly present in everyone's routine, but they are usually just used and forgotten, as almost unnoticeable things. However, through Annegien's photographic and video work we recognize how, with simple gestures, she provides them with a second connotation and function. She gives an attractive and unusual appearance to these ordinary objects making us aware of their actual existence.

224 p, ills colour & bw, 13 x 20 cm, pb, English

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Dafy Hagai - Sunset

Isbn 9780994388315
Publisher Perimeter Editions
Idea code 15526
EUR 24.05

Young Israeli photographer Dafy Hagai has made a name for her playful, sexually curious images of young women amidst a uniquely Middle Eastern geographic, cultural and architectural paradigm. Her first book 'Israeli Girls' engendered a new perspective on the queer gaze, bouncing between visual cadences skirting fashion and editorial photography and a refreshingly wide-eyed sense of candidness. Her new publication, 'Sunset', prefaces a more experimental line of approach. Shot in and around Israeli beach resort towns, 'Sunset' sidles architecture, abstraction and fragmented figurative gestures amongst an idyllic and faux-idyllic tableaux of landscapes and beach scenes – the tension between reality and artifice ever-present.

40 p, ills colour, 21 x 28 cm, pb, English

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Zoe Croggon - Arc

Isbn 9780987353061
Publisher Perimeter Editions
Idea code 15527
EUR 29.00

'Arc' is the debut book by Melbourne artist Zoë Croggon and the winner of the 2015 Asia-Pacific Photobook Prize. Croggon's practice revolves around collage in its most economical and decisive form. Drawing on found images, mining the histories of modernist and minimalist architecture, dance, performance and sporting endeavour, Croggon orchestrates highly aesthetic and formally charged arrangements via the simplest of cuts and gestures, pointing towards the limitations and potentials of the body and the built form. 

80 p, ills colour, 21 x 30 cm, pb, English

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Lloyd Stubber - Fossil Fuels

Isbn 9780987353092
Publisher Perimeter Editions
Idea code 15528
EUR 36.50

The Phillip Island Classic in Victoria represents Australia’s premier racing festival for historic cars. Each autumn, racing and motoring enthusiasts travel from around Australia to the Phillip Island Circuit. Photographer Lloyd Stubber has been accompanying his father Ray, uncle Paul and sister Marlo to Phillip Island to document the race, its enthusiasts and his family’s place in it over the last three years. Fossil Fuels serves as a repository for these images. Shot between 2013 and 2015, the photographs not only speak of the action and aesthetics of old-school racing – the blazing paint jobs, brash slogans and exacting attention to detail – but of the various subcultures and family histories that inhabit it.

48 p, ills colour, 17 x 24 cm, hb, English

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Mark Hilton - Half Flush

Isbn 9780987353078
Publisher Perimeter Editions
Idea code 15530
EUR 39.10

Each drawing in New York-based Australian artist Mark Hilton’s new artist's book 'Half Flush' adopts a duality that can't help but to stir something in the viewer. Using the standard pack of cards as his organising principle, Hilton mixes desire, degradation, contamination, zealotry and violence into a brew often sweetened by humour. Each suit has a theme that works more as a starting point than a defining rule: diamonds are class; hearts are religion; spades are nationalism; clubs are the environment. Using graphite pencil on white paper, Hilton employs a range of styles, from highly intricate realism to cartoons and simple line sketches.

112 p, ills colour & bw, 16 x 23 cm, hb, English

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Thomas Hoepker - Big Champ (Extended Version)

Isbn 9783941825864
Publisher Peperoni Books
Idea code 15563
EUR 41.35

Thomas Hoepker, a member of Magnum Photos, had the opportunity to spend time with Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali and take photographs – in 1960, when he won the a gold medal at the Rome Olympics, in 1966, when Ali was world heavyweight champion already, in 1970, when he restarted his career and prepared himself for the "Fight of the Century" against Joe Frazier and years later, already weakened by Parkinson´s disease. Many of these pictures have become photographic icons. But many photographs in this book are lesser known or have been unpublished until now. They show Ali in private moments and public appearances outside of the ring.

144 p, ills colour & bw, 24 x 32 cm, hb, English

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Oliver Most - Kind

Isbn 9783941825789
Publisher Peperoni Books
Idea code 15564
EUR 37.20

Oliver Möst grew up in the 1970s and, like many others, his parents carefully collected family pictures in photo albums. Of course, their own children often play the main role. Möst selected pictures for this book, showing himself as a preschooler, as an infant in his mother’s arms, as a small child playing in the garden, feeding swans at the lake with his father, or dressed nicely to go on a big trip. Yet everything is blurred, which is, in fact, how he experienced it as a child with defective vision. For this series, Möst transformed the sharp images from the family album into the colourful, unfocused shapes of memory using a multi-stage photographic process. With an essay by Matthias Harder.

64 p, ills colour & bw, 21 x 25 cm, hb, German/English

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Kai-Olaf Hesse - Nachlass

Isbn 9783941825840
Publisher Peperoni Books
Idea code 15560
EUR 37.20

Kai-Olaf Hesse combed through old family albums to discover and reveal his weighty inheritance. Only two generations back, the memories are already faded. Yet these two generations have a deep impact, and it is precisely this narrow slice of time and society that Hesse presents in this book. The private visual records from roughly 1925 to 1985 simply show people – grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends – as marking coordinates in personal lives and German history, from the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich, to post-war reconstruction and the arrival of modernity. Arranged intuitively rather than chronologically, the photos act as a unique internalization of this inheritance.

88 p, ills colour & bw, 17 x 22 cm, hb, German/English

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Benedetta Grossrubatscher - Ginostra

Isbn 9783941825796
Publisher Peperoni Books
Idea code 15561
EUR 33.05

Born in Verona and raised in South Tyrol, Benedetta Großrubatscher first visited the village of Ginostra – located on the island of Stromboli and accessible only by boat or by taking a long hike over the volcano – in 1975. Since then, she has returned many times to this special place that is at once ancient and modern. There are no cars there, and until 2004 there was no electricity or running water. Her naturalistic photographic style captures the colourful dynamism and moments of intimate minimalism found at this “island within an island”, thoughtfully reflecting upon the rare experience i

92 p, ills colour & bw, 18 x 22 cm, pb, German/Italian/English

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Alex Pardi - Tangenziale

Isbn 9783941825826
Publisher Peperoni Books
Idea code 15562
EUR 37.20

'Tangenziale' is the inner city highway in Milan. Thousands of people travel on this road every day, looking ahead, the end in view. Many times Alex Pardi went to the 'Tangenziale' and photographed it. On the street, under bridges, in the terrain vague around it. A piece of 'Tangenziale' is in every picture. But actually that´s not the point here. Alex Pardi was there when no one else was around, in the dim light, the haze and the early morning mist. He has not photographed the street or the construction, but a feeling. Namely the feeling that time stands still, just for you, for a moment, that may expand forever and change your life.

80 p, ills colour & bw, 30 x 24 cm, hb, Italian/English

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Julia Baier - In Tune Variations On An Orchestra

Isbn 9783941825857
Publisher Peperoni Books
Idea code 15565
EUR 33.05

When the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen was looking for a new orchestra photographer in 2000, Julia Baier was a student at the Bremen Art College. On the occasion of a concert on the beach in Bremerhaven, she was invited to do a test photo shoot. The orchestra was convinced, and since then she has accompanied the ensemble during concerts and on performance trips around the world. This book presents images spanning the past fifteen years, which combine the power of music and photography, and taken in cities such as Tokyo, Paris, Istanbul, Berlin, São Paulo, New York, and more. Includes a brief selection of her own travel notes and an essay by Michael Glasmeier.

112 p, ills bw, 24 x 30 cm, hb, German/English

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Maarit Hohteri: Between Us

Isbn 9789522920157
Publisher Aalto University
Idea code 15546
EUR 47.30

Maarit Hohteri has been making pictures of her friends for sixteen years. Presented in this book, the photos appear timeless, independent of any particular place. The focus is on her intimate group of friends, and the same faces repeatedly return in languid shots of sleep and relaxation, casual domestic moments, or spending time outdoors. It is a book about friendship – a sense of closeness and the lack thereof – from her point of view. It captures how close friends relate to one another, and what they do together. Hohteri’s own sense of perhaps not belonging or being accepted, as well as her experiences of loneliness, are pivotal. With a touching text by Ilkka Karisto.

176 p, ills colour & bw, 17 x 23 cm, hb, English

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Exit 59: Camera

Isbn 15772721
Publisher Exit
Idea code 15571
EUR 29.10

The power of the photographic images has amply surpassed that of the photographic instrument. The great majority of people today who habitually and constantly take photographs do not have cameras. Just as the selfie has substituted the self-portrait, the telephone, the tablet – and in the near future watches and glasses – have taken the place of the conventional camera. The reality is that the photography field is expanding in every direction, conceptually, structurally and technically. This issue of EXIT is based on an idea by Paul Wombell, a regular advisor of this magazine, who, on this occasion, has acted as guest editor.

184 p, ills colour & bw, 21 x 26 cm, pb, Spanish/English

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Shirley Baker - Women And Children; And Loitering Men

Isbn 9780957618848
Publisher Photographers' Gallery
Idea code
EUR 49.50

'Women and Children; and Loitering Men' focuses on the formative period of Shirley Baker's practice and features many previously unseen photographs, in particular her startling colour work from Summer 1965, sequenced as an unfolding visual narrative. A foreword by Professor Griselda Pollock, and an original short story by author Jackie Kay offer a contemporary reading of the quiet drama of Baker’s photographs and serves to underline the photographer’s principal significance as a compassionate as well as a humorous teller of stories that make visible the spectrum of human resilience.

168 p, ills colour & bw, 22 x 29 cm, hb, English

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