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New Titles in Architecture & Landscape Periodicals 9 November 2015
El Croquis 182: Christian Kerez - Junya Ishigami

Isbn 9788488386878
Publisher El Croquis
Idea code 15652
EUR 58.75

This issue features two architecture giants from opposite corners of the globe. Swiss-based architect Christian Kerez, known for his Chapel in Oberrealta and the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein (together with Meinrad Morger and Heinrich Degelo), is presented through a selection of his latest work (2010–2015) that also includes large projects in China. In his turn, Junya Ishigami, who worked at SANAA before establishing his own firm in 2004, and was awarded the Golden Lion at the 12th Venice Architecture Biennale in 2010, is featured with sixteen recent projects (2005–2015), among them the Polytechnic Museum Moscow and a Home for the Elderly in Akita.

288 p, ills colour & bw, 25 x 34 cm, pb, Spanish/English

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AV Monographs 180: Lina Bo Bardi 1914-1992

Isbn 9788460817154
Publisher Avisa
Idea code 15651
EUR 35.05

The centenary of Lina Bo Bardi, born in Rome in 1914, has rekindled the fervour for her life and oeuvre. For many years, her role in 20th century architecture remained undervalued, but recent recognition of her strong multicultural character and new interest in Brazil as an emerging geopolitical powerhouse have combined to once more bring her work into the spotlight. Educated in Italy, she moved to Brazil after World War II following a yearn to humanise architecture, building for peoples’ everyday needs. This edition of the magazine closely examines her intense professional activity and lasting legacy through four critical essays and profiles of 20 exemplary projects.

128 p, ills colour & bw, 24 x 30 cm, pb, Spanish/English

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AV Proyectos 070: Dossier Kengo Kuma

Publisher Avisa
Idea code 15568
EUR 10.55

Stone, ceramic, glass, wood, bamboo, metal... a large repertoire of materials, always related to the place, allow Kengo Kuma (Yokohama, 1954) to trace an architecture that is bare and essential, contemporary and at the same time closely tied to tradition. The latest projects of his studio – established in 1990 and with offices in Tokyo and Paris –, maintain the intimate charac- ter and the sophisticated and subtle language of the early works, designed almost three decades ago. They also preserve the desire to create atmospheres where the boundaries between interior and exterior are blurred. The nine projects included here take stock of the current work of the Japanese architect.

80 p, ills colour & bw, 24 x 30 cm, pb, Spanish/English

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Arquitectura Viva 177: Art Factories

Publisher Avisa
Idea code 15569
EUR 17.55

Contemporary art has moved from the white cube to the factory. The abstract purity of the halls deemed most appropriate to display the art of our time has been replaced with the sturdy materiality and the industrial atmosphere of the latest generation of museums. As much the colossal scale of sculptures and installations as the production methods or the everyday materials of many of the pieces exhibited demanded environments of this kind, and in fact a large number of art institutions have chosen to move into obsolete factories. With projects by Rem Koolhaas/OMA, Renzo Piano/RPBW, Herzog & de Meuron, and Atelier Deshaus.

80 p, ills colour & bw, 23 x 30 cm, pb, Spanish/English

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A+U 541 15:10 Gion A. Caminada

Isbn 4910019731054
Publisher Shinkenchiku-sha
Idea code 15575
EUR 27.35

A cult figure in Swiss architecture, Gion A. Caminada is best recognised for his timber and stone buildings that uphold the stalwart traditions of Alpine architecture. Using local materials and techniques, he creates sustainable buildings that demonstrate respect for their surroundings, being firmly anchored in the village landscape. This special edition features 26 of his works, ranging from early buildings in his home town of Vrin to current projects. New photos taken especially for this issue, plus an interview with the architect, lend insight into the contemporary advances and solutions to social challenges found within traditional contexts and reflected in his body of work.

160 p, ills colour & bw, 22 x 29 cm, pb, Japanese/English

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Ja 99: Living Space Kazuyo Sejima

Isbn 4910051331052
Publisher Shinkenchiku-sha
Idea code 15539
EUR 26.20

This instalment focuses exclusively on the residential work of acclaimed architect Kazuyo Sejima, who founded Tokyo-based SANAA together with Ryue Nishizawa in 1995. Featuring more than 25 projects, and including both her individual work and projects accomplished with Nishizawa, the magazine covers a range of buildings, from apartment blocks to single-family houses, and spanning from her early years until the present. Brimming with photographs, architectural drawings, and Sejima’s own sketches, it paints a fascinating portrait of the architect’s thoughtful and sensitive approach to the spaces we inhabit, and how these function in our everyday lives.

160 p, ills colour & bw, 23 x 30 cm, pb, Japanese/English

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Casanova + Hernandez/netherlands - Building Knowledge In Dd 42 Interdisciplinary Design Dd 42

Isbn 9788968010361
Publisher Damdi
Idea code 15604
EUR 53.05

The Rotterdam-based design and research studio of Casanova + Hernandez was founded in 2001, and works with an interdisciplinary team in its focus on rethinking and designing our urban habitat in order to create vibrant cities while promoting environmental and social sustainability. With experience in developing projects in very different cultural contexts in Europe, South America, and Asia, the office is structured in two complementary platforms: C+H Projects and C+H Think Tank. Besides a critical essay on the practice, this richly illustrated volume features more than 30 projects covering the fields of collective housing, public space and buildings, and hybrid urbanism.

248 p, ills colour & bw, 23 x 29 cm, hb, Korean/English

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C3 374 Learning In Fluid

Isbn 20925190
Publisher C3 Publishing
Idea code 15618
EUR 21.60

Through a selection of recently completed projects, this edition of the magazine investigates an emerging university building typology. Flexible learning spaces are a hot item today, illustrated by new projects such as The Forum at University of Exeter by Wilkinson Eyre Architects, the Melbourne School of Design by John Wardle Architects + NADAAA, and Zaha Hadid’s Investcorp Building for Oxford University’s Middle East Centre. Also in this issue, a contemporary phenomenon of communal public space best described as “outdoor rooms and indoor squares” comes to light through a selection of eight works, including media libraries and community and cultural centres.

200 p, ills colour & bw, 23 x 30 cm, pb, Korean/English

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GA Houses 144

Isbn 9784871400923
Publisher Ada Edita Global Architecture
Idea code 15637
EUR 29.20

‘GA Houses’ documents outstanding new residential architecture from all over the world. Included in each issue also are retrospective looks at residential works of the past which are now considered epoch-making. With projects by Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architects, Randy Brown, Odile Decq, Patrick Tighe, and the Vanna Venturi House by Robert Venturi.

150 p, ills colour & bw, 23 x 30 cm, pb, Japanese/English

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GA Document 133

Isbn 9784871402934
Publisher Ada Edita Global Architecture
Idea code 15436
EUR 32.80

GA Document presents the finest in international design, focusing on architecture that expresses our time and striving to record the history of contemporary architecture. International scholars and critics provide insightful texts to further inform the reader of the most up-to-date ideas and events in the profession. This issue is devoted to international projects by, amongst others, Frank O. Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Sean Godsell, OMA, Tadao Ando, Selgascano and others.

142 p, ills colour & bw, 26 x 30 cm, pb, Japanese/English

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Monu 23: Participatory Urbanism

Isbn 4197754115008
Publisher Board Publishers
Idea code 15626
EUR 15.45

In order to avoid participation in architecture and urban design becoming merely a politically required token of democratic involvement, architects, planners, and designers need to commit themselves and relinquish control, claims Jeremy Till in this issue’s opening interview. With this theme, the goal is to uncover and reassess to what extent individual citizens actually can and should become proactive in the shaping and development of cities and neighbourhoods. With contributions from Damon Rich, Serafina Amoroso, Marina Abramović, Cathy Smith, Stefan Gruber, and more, it touches upon everything from DIY urbanism to consumerism and micro-strategies.

128 p, ills colour & bw, 20 x 27 cm, pb, English

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S Am 14: Constructing Film

Isbn 9783856166649
Publisher Christoph Merian
Idea code 15597
EUR 26.55

Film and architecture have numerous points where they overlap and coincide, and these are explored in S AM 14. Given its multidimensionality, film is an appropriate medium for realistically reproducing architecture. Furthermore, like the film director, the architect guides sequences of action through spatial structures. Finally, there is the interesting interplay: to what extent does filmic seeing produce new possibilities for seeing architecture? The projects presented include the Ricola Herb Centre in Laufen (Herzog & de Meuron), the Art Museum in Appenzell (Gigon Guyer) and the Bardill atelier in Scharans (Valerio Olgiati).

128 p, ills colour & bw, 23 x 30 cm, pb, German/English

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Residential Masterpieces 20: Frank O. Gehry Gehry Residence

Isbn 9784871406451
Publisher Ada Edita Global Architecture
Idea code 15581
EUR 32.80

Frank O. Gehry’s house in Santa Monica, California, caused a sensation in the architecture world in the late 1970s. Considered a landmark achievement in architectural history, the audacity of forms and manipulation of materials he applied in the extension and remodelling of an existing ordinary house are a direct manifestation of his own personal methodology. Cheap industrial materials supplement the retained vernacular bungalow design, introducing a complex relationship of tension and attraction. Photographed by Yoshio Futagawa and including sketches for the second remodelling in 1991–94, our fascination with the Gehry residence is here brought to life once more.

84 p, ills colour & bw, 26 x 37 cm, pb, Japanese/English

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