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New Titles in Art 31 May 2016
Hanne Hagenaars: Geen Wolk - Hoe Kunst Mijn Leven Redde

Isbn 9789490800437
Publisher Art Paper Editions
Idea code 16503
EUR 19.00

Hanne Hagenaars neemt ons mee dwars door de donkere tijden van haar jeugd naar het licht van latere inzichten. Hoe ze zichzelf en de herinneringen die haar najoegen oversteeg door haar oor bij kunst te luisteren te leggen. Niet per se bij grote, bekende kunstenaars, sommigen zul je nog nooit van gehoord hebben. Kunst als een middel om over jezelf heen te kijken en grotere verbanden te ontdekken. Voorbij jezelf, en tegelijkertijd in jezelf. Zo is ze bij de kun­stenaars uitgekomen in dit boek. Intuïtief moet ze geweten hebben dat er in hun werk iets te halen viel. Dit is een dapper, persoonlijk en intelligent boek. In wat het beschrijft en hoe het beschrijft is het zelf een kunstwerk. (Uit het nawoord van Hans Aarsman)

232 p, ills colour, 13 x 20 cm, pb, Dutch

Tine Melzer - Taxidermy For Language-Animals

Isbn 9783906213101
Publisher Rollo Press
Idea code 16183
EUR 32.90

A parrot can be trained to repeat the sounds we make when we speak. But what does a parrot say? 'Taxidermy for Language-Animals' examines language fragments from different practices – philosophy, literature, visual art – by exploiting some of our linguistic habits and tools. This book includes examples of ordinary language trapped in images. Games we play with language and games language plays with us are introduced. Like language itself, language-games are based on perception, habit and memory and are played in collaboration with others.

464 p, ills colour & bw, 17 x 26 cm, pb, English

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Jan Dibbets - Pandora's Box: On Another Photography

Isbn 9782759603343
Publisher Paris Musee
Idea code 16201
EUR 48.15

Jan Dibbets' dissenting and unashamedly biased 'History of Another Photography' offers nothing less than a reinterpretation of the entire history of art photography, arguing that scientific photography was the realm where the medium's real innovations happened. "It was the scientists," says Dibbets, "who produced really great stuff. Scientific photography encouraged a freer, more outgoing use of the medium." Dibbets goes on to draw a line upon which he sets the names of all the photographers he considers as real artists – or at least all the photographs he considers as works of art – from the invention of the medium up to the present day.

260 p, ills colour & bw, 22 x 32 cm, hb, English

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Uta Eisenreich James Langdon A Play

Isbn 9789491843600
Publisher Roma Publications
Idea code 16199
EUR 14.40

This diminutive book is published in relation to a series of performances and an exhibition: ‘Things on a Table’ by Uta Eisenreich and Eva Meyer-Keller with Katrin Hahner at Pact Zollverein, Essen, and ‘A Play’ by Eisenreich with Meyer-Keller and James Langdon, shown at Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam. The departure point is Gertrude Stein’s modernist text, ‘Objects Lie on a Table’ (1922). The exhibition takes form as a mural conceived with graphic designer James Langdon. Unlike the experience of the stage piece, where elements appear in a timeline, the book offers an excess of elements – signs, colours, fragments, and texts – to assemble and construct meaning.

96 p, ills colour & bw, 11 x 18 cm, pb, English

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Hannah Hoch - Life Portrait

Isbn 9783941644847
Publisher The Green Box
Idea code 16224
EUR 42.00

German Dadaist Hannah Höch made her name as one of the originators of photomontage, a type of collage in which the pasted items are actual photographs, or photographic reproductions from the press and other media. ‘Life Portrait’ is her last extensive work, created in 1973. More than a visual autobiography, it is also the largest collage ever constructed by the artist, providing rare insights into her work and personality. Höch also ironically and poetically comments on the key political, social, and artistic events in her life. Reprinted here are 38 sections of the collage, selected by the artist. The book includes an introductory essay and accompanying texts by Alma-Elisa Kittner.

96 p, ills colour & bw, 23 x 23 cm, hb, English

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Hugo Roelandt: Let's Expand The Sky

Isbn 9780992903978
Publisher Occasional Papers
Idea code 16258
EUR 13.25

Hugo Roelandt (1950–2015) was a pioneering photographer, performance and installation artist, and a leading figure in the Antwerp avant-garde of the 1970s and 1980s. Critical of what he saw as the institutionalisation of performance art, Roelandt developed new forms of performative practice that now appear prescient in their use of technology and the voice. Through his teaching, and his sly sense of humour which pervades even his most ambitious projects, Roelandt touched generations of artists working across such diverse media as photography, performance and the moving image.

160 p, ills colour, 15 x 21 cm, pb, English/Dutch

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Helen Verhoeven: Hoge Raad - Een Op Een

Isbn 9789081465700
Publisher Helen Verhoeven
Idea code 16216
EUR 25.65

Based in Berlin, Dutch visual artist Helen Verhoeven’s works often explore the theme of ceremonial gatherings. The focus of this book is her monumental painting, ‘Hoge Raad’ (‘Supreme Court’), which hangs in that same institution in The Hague. According to the essay by Maria Barnas, “Rarely have I seen anything so theatrical, so time-transcending and majestic, and at the same time so everyday.” Tension pervades the work, with the positioning of various figures lending it a theatrical aspect. This book contains a 1:1 reproduction of the painting: each page shows a surface segment, set in the sequence of a mapped grid. Also included is an index of the painting’s historical references.

352 p, ills colour & bw, 24 x 34 cm, pb, Dutch

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Cornelia Parker : Verso

Isbn 9788494282096
Publisher Ivorypress
Idea code 16243
EUR 21.25

This diminutive artist’s book was specially commissioned by Ivorypress as part of an ongoing series. ‘Verso’ is a previously unpublished work by British sculptor and installation artist Cornelia Parker. Taking button samplers as her starting point, Parker uncovers the patterns left by the buttons and holes on the reverse side of these mundane pieces, using string and thread to create drawings and paths while attempting to reveal the motivations they might hide, or even what they could say about those who made them. A short but evocative text by Colm Tóibín offers some perspective on the work.

184 p, ills colour, 11 x 15 cm, pb, English

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Lutz Bacher - The Gift

Isbn 9783957633330
Publisher Revolver Publishing
Idea code 16185
EUR 34.60

This artist’s book is published on the occasion of the exhibition ‘More Than This’ at the Secession, Vienna, and features the heterogeneous oeuvre of American artist Lutz Bacher. Over her 40-year career, Bacher has produced conceptual works that defy classification in a variety of formats, including videotapes, photographs, and other mixed media. Described as eclectic, rough, open-ended, and disturbing, many works incorporate elements from pop culture, personal artefacts, and found objects, and address questions of identity as expressed through sexuality and the human body. The book is filled with newspaper clippings, personal communications, and many images.

192 p, ills colour & bw, 23 x 31 cm, pb, English

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Dike Blair - Drinks

Isbn 9783957633347
Publisher Revolver Publishing
Idea code 16184
EUR 25.95

Dike Blair finds the subjects for his pictures by taking a careful look at fixtures of the world around him, focusing on details that are often hardly arresting. His repertoire of motifs is not limited to architectural elements, but he has deliberately kept it limited, employing repetition as a conceptual strategy. In addition to the architectural depictions, recurrent motifs in his oeuvre include still lifes – often of cocktails and arrangements that suggest the interior of a bar – as well as landscapes, flowers and women’s eyes.

72 p, ills colour, 23 x 30 cm, hb, English

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Goshka Macuga Before The Beginning And After The End

Isbn 9788887029659
Publisher Prada Arte
Idea code 16269
EUR 68.10

Polish-born, London-based Goshka Macuga (born 1967) adopts the roles of an artist, curator, collector, researcher and exhibition designer, working across a variety of media to explore how and why we remember both cultural and personal events. She particularly focuses on how we build our own classificatory systems for creating and remembering knowledge in times of rapidly advancing technology and information saturation.This book, published for the exhibition To the Son of Man Who Ate the Scroll, is organized as an atlas and retraces for the first time Macuga’s career from 1993 to the present day. The volume is edited by Mario Mainetti and includes original essays along with an anthology of texts by the artist published for former projects.

300 p, ills colour & bw, 21 x 28 cm, pb, English

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Alexandra Navratil Brittle Land

Isbn 9789491843594
Publisher Roma Publications
Idea code 16200
EUR 22.65

This book is comprised of stills from Alexandra Navratil’s works ‘Silbersee’ (2015) and ‘Resurrections’ (2014), along with essays by Paul Feigelfeld and Keston Sutherland, plus a poem by Rachel O'Reilly. Taking the former Agfa-ORWO photographic film factory in Wolfen, Germany, as a point of departure, it divulges the interdependent histories of photographic emulsion, gelatin, labour, exploitation, exhaustion, chemical contamination, and slow violence. For Navratil, film reflects the ongoing technological development from the late 19th century until now, a product inextricably linked to the plastics industry that developed simultaneously with it, and to today’s widespread digitisation.

176 p, ills b&w, 16 x 22 cm, hb, English

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Pascale Marthine Tayou - Miracle !!!

Isbn 9788494435423
Publisher Cac Malaga
Idea code 16250
EUR 33.20

Pascale Marthine Tayou was born in Cameroon and now lives and works in Belgium. He has travelled extensively, and describes himself as an explorer, one who moves across the world to survey the common issues of the global village. The artist belongs to a generation of peers who use the recognisable visual language of African traditions, and interprets, mockingly and playfully, the canonical Western paradigm of modernity and its tensions. This catalogue of Tayou’s first solo exhibition in Spain presents his visually stimulating body of work in all its colourful, carnivalesque glory – a compendium of experiences and life lessons that reflects the polarised extremes of wealth and poverty.

124 p, ills colour & bw, 22 x 25 cm, pb, Spanish/English

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Victor Burgin Scripts

Isbn 9782940159789
Publisher Mamco
Idea code 16217
EUR 25.45

Since 1993 Victor Burgin has produced projection works, in video or digital form. These works, like all his production since the early 1970s, include a substantial textual component which this book offers for appreciation independently of the images. Published here, outside of their usual context, the scripts offer the reader another type of projection, fantasmatic.

296 p, no ills, 22 x 24 cm, pb, French/English

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Yu-Ichi Inoue: Retrospective 1955-1985

Isbn 9784990873202
Publisher Kamimori Foundation
Idea code 16158
EUR 48.25

Born in 1916, Yu-Ichi is one of the most acclaimed post-war Japanese artists, both domestically and abroad. His experimental “one character writings” and passionate, action-based style of painting departs from traditional calligraphy in favour of radical and abstract expressiveness. This magnificent catalogue is published in conjunction with a large-scale centennial retrospective at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa. Reproducing more than 200 works by Yu-Ichi, it presents an in-depth portrait and analysis of the artist, following his life and unconventional, creative trajectory through several periods based on theme and style. Monumental, captivating, and confronting.

396 p, ills colour & bw, 23 x 30 cm, hb, Japanese/English

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Gerard Wagemakers - Armando

Isbn 9789492456007
Publisher Gwm Media
Idea code 16246
EUR 24.20

Armando is a painter and sculptor known for his association with the Situationist International movement and Dutch Nul Group. Born in 1929, he describes his work as ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’, based on his experiences during World War II in the surroundings of the Amersfoort concentration camp. The suffering and cruelty he witnessed so near his home influenced him for the rest of his life. Photographer Gerard Wagemakers had the opportunity to sit with Armando for three days in his studio and home in Potsdam. The artist’s passion, energy, and dedication touched him deeply, resulting in a poignant and intimate portrait. With Armando, there are clearly no half measures.

32 p, ills colour, 23 z 31 cm, pb, English

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We Belong Dead

Isbn 9783952420621
Publisher Everyedition / Fold
Idea code 16144
EUR 19.30

This small book describes itself as a story told in an endlessly looped movie trope. The classic camera shot of the last words of a protagonist who dies in the arms of his or her counterpart has grown so familiar that it is now exchangeable. Page after page depicts this cinematic cliché of storytelling in a compilation of such scenes collected from 88 movies, from Hollywood blockbusters to classic Westerns and animated films. Designer Piero Glina arranges the images in such a way that no two characters on opposing pages match – each single page contains one scene from one movie on its front and back, intertwining the trope and thus creating narratives that never happened.

168 p, ills bw, 12 x 19 cm, pb, no text

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Secret Behavior: Issue 03 Exhibitionism

Isbn 9780989745628
Publisher Secret Behavior
Idea code 16182
EUR 26.90

The third issue of Secret Behavior revolves around the theme of Exhibitionism. It features Nicola Canavan's "Raising the Skirt," an empowering display of female sexuality, as well as a lighthearted nod to today's nude selfies, and a huge selection of intimate art, poetry and fiction. Some of the talent featured in this issue includes Miguel Andrés, Aneta Bartos, Shane Book, Paul Burgess, Nicola Canavan, Julia Cohen, Louise Colbourne, Jen Davis, Matthias Herrmann, Philippe Jusforgues, Slava Mogutin, Jeremy Sigler and many more.

154 p, colour & bw, 20 x 28 cm, pb, English

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