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New Titles in Art & Essays 31 October 2016
Caravaggio In Detail (Dutch Version)

Isbn 9789491819636
Publisher Ludion
Idea code 16572
EUR 41.05

'Caravaggio in Detail' is the fourth title in the successful In Detail series, following Van Eyck, Bruegel and Bosch. The Italian genius Caravaggio is considered one of the most important artists of the Baroque era. The Italian master’s painting style was groundbreaking, not only because of his unique treatment of light and shade, but above all for his unprecedented realism: instead of the customary idealised figures, he painted everyday, working-class people, even in religious scenes. This book explores Caravaggio’s turbulent life and his equally dramatic work in a surprising way. The book is divided into themed chapters: Still Lifes, Hidden Self-Portraits and Stimulated Senses, and shows the paintings as never before, in full-page details.

288 p, ills colour, 25 x 32 cm, hb, Dutch

David Salle - Inspired By True-Life Events

Isbn 9788494435478
Publisher Cac Malaga
Idea code 16524
EUR 39.85

It is said that American artist David Salle helped define postmodern sensibility in art. This catalogue is published on the occasion of an exhibition at CAC Málaga showing 32 of his paintings, created between 1992 and the present day. Many are large-format works that reflect Salle’s characteristically rich pictorial language and numerous visual sources, which range from art history and design to advertising and pop culture. His realm of cultural and artistic references, not to mention his questioning of hierarchical and closed systems, however, often eludes the confines of classification through his process of selection and interruption, in turn generating different interpretations.

112 p, ills colour & bw, 24 x 31 cm, hb, Spanish/English

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Ugo Rondinone Feelings

Isbn 9788992233804
Publisher Presses Du Reel
Idea code 16509
EUR 71.85

Ugo Rondinone is celebrated for his wide-ranging exploration of materials and practices that confront the binary between the human condition and the natural world. This comprehensive catalog, titled 'Feelings', documents the artist's use of quarried stone to construct monolithic figurative works. The artist first began this ongoing body of work as a commission for the Public Art Fund at Rockefeller Center where he erected massive rough-hewn bluestone figures in the center of New York City. Published by Kukje Gallery to coincide with their exhibition of the same name, 'Feelings' presents all of Rondinone's exhibitions over the past three years that feature the stone figures.

268 p, ills colour & bw, 24 x 31 cm, hb, English

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Flaneur Issue 06: Boulevard Ring, Moscow

Isbn 9772196537004
Publisher Edition Messner
Idea code 16537
EUR 15.40

Diverging from the principle of focussing on one street, Flaneur succumbs to Moscow’s underlying cosmological blueprint: the city is in this issue made up of orbits. The Boulevard Ring is the first orbit and on it five bubbles are chosen that encircle the Kremlin. These bubbles are not just places – they are constellations, principles, motifs for exploration. Featuring Arbatskaya Square, Pushkinskaya Square, as well as a personal journey of Ksenia Golubovich. Photographer Stas Galaktionov explores the underground vibes of one of the last remaining squats in the neighbourhood. Moscow Waters has a contribution by Grashina Gabelmann and artist Judith Sönnicken considers the mental architecture of disappearing and reappearing structures. The last chapter considers the future as much as the possible futures of the past, the crossroads that haven’t been taken, through a collection of poems, short stories and visuals.

180 p, ills colour & bw, 21 x 34 cm, pb, English

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Tadashi Kawamata Under The Water

Isbn 9782914171458
Publisher Kamel Mennour
Idea code 16508
EUR 33.15

Tadashi Kawamata (born 1953 in Japan, lives and works in Tokyo and Paris) has made in situ art throughout the world and was artistic director of the Yokohama Triennale in 2005. His work concerns itself with architectural space as an urban or designed social context or product. A careful study of the human relations that define it and the way of life which results from it allows him each time to determine progressively the nature of his project. This monograph is a photographic documentation of the site-specific works 'Under the Water' at the Centre Pompidou Metz and gallery Kamel Mennour.

280 p, ills colour & bw, 21 x 27 cm, pb, English/French

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Man Made Clouds - Hehe

Isbn 9782910385774
Publisher Hyx Editions
Idea code 16529
EUR 33.15

Artist duo HeHe (Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen) deals with the energy needs of modern life, visualising social, industrial, and ecological paradoxes through installations and performances of technological landscapes, such as worst-case scenarios wherein the hidden dimensions and implications of ecological threats are exposed. Edited by HeHe, this book presents a series of artistic interventions and cultural analyses of atmospheric emissions by six authors, among them Noortje Marres, Malcolm Miles, and Jean-Marc Chomaz, along with fifteen projects that use clouds as a visual metaphor for toxic atmospheric pollutants like radioactive clouds, exhaust fumes, and more.

496 p, ills colour, 21 x 30 cm, pb, French/English

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Gerbrand Burger - Part Of Something

Isbn 9789082558302
Publisher Gerbrand Burger
Idea code 16567
EUR 43.70

Gerbrand Burger is a visual artist from the Netherlands who works with drawing, sculpture, installation, printmaking, and film. ‘Part of Something’, edited by Marc Nagtzaam and Stephan Keppel, presents a generous selection of Burger’s large archive of drawings. Visual elements derived from architecture, everyday objects, literature, crafts, and invention are taken out of their original context and merged to form a subjective system of signs and symbols spanning almost 300 pages. Designed by the design collective Open Work in collaboration with the artist, the large-format book is printed on black paper.

288 p, ills colour & bw, 24 x 33 cm, pb, no text

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Ed/mn Edited By Maurizio Nannucci: Editions And Multiples 1967/2016

Isbn 9788897753230
Publisher Viaindustriae
Idea code 16532
EUR 33.15

Focusing on Italian contemporary artist Maurizio Nannucci’s practice, this book offers for the first time a comprehensive overview of his extraordinary creativity as publisher and producer of editions and multiples, as well as artists’ books, catalogues, prints, photographs, posters, records, and more. His field of research has expanded since the 1960s, exploring language and the intersection of disciplines such as linguistics, literature, music, philosophy, and architecture. With a plethora of images and archival documents, as well as critical essays, the origins of fundamental aspects of Nannucci’s artistic vision and his attitude to develop art as an open social project are detailed.

408 p, ills colour & bw, 17 x 25 cm, pb, Italian/English

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Flow And Friction: On The Tactical Potential Of Interfacing With Glitch Art

Isbn 9789188031372
Publisher Art And Theory Publishing
Idea code 16551
EUR 31.70

To explore how interfacing shapes spectatorship online, Vendela Grundell examines experiences of the flow of digital culture through the friction of photo-based glitch art by Philip Stearns, Rosa Menkman, and Evan Meaney. With a focus on the viewer, these three cross-disciplinary case studies analyse material new to the art historical context. In particular, they focus on how glitched artworks in online environments can make viewers aware of their own activity within the flow, causing a break in the increasingly naturalised integration of system and individual. A tactical potential emerges when a glitch invites the viewer to try out different positions relative to the system.

210 p, ills colour, 20 x 25 cm, pb, English

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Hiroshi Sugito - Particles And Release

Isbn 9784907562083
Publisher Torch Press
Idea code 16517
EUR 36.95

Based in Nagoya, artist Hiroshi Sugito is trained in Japanese-style painting. This catalogue for an exhibition of his work at the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, curated by Yoko Nose, aptly expresses how his paintings contain everything from minuscule, barely visible objects to raindrops, trees, houses, and clouds – even the universe itself. His soft tones and pale hues seem to extend outside the painting’s frame and into the exhibition space, creating thoughtfully considered interactions between artworks and the architecture. Sugito’s sensitivity with regard to paintings and the spaces in which they are placed can be seen in the catalogue’s numerous installation views.

152 p, ills colour, 19 x 24 cm, hb, Japanese/English

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Osamu Kokufu Kokufubook

Isbn 9784861525568
Publisher Seigensha
Idea code 16487
EUR 35.20

A definitive anthology of works which brings full perspective onto the art of Osamu Kokufu - who unfortunately passed away suddenly in an accident which occurred during an exhibition in Spring 2014. Born 1970 in Kyoto, he created art primarily based on "machines" and "vehicles," and this collection focuses on the origins of his work, which compels us to consider the "mechanisms" which exist in all things. Beginning with his exploration of the relationships between humans and nature, his art work is developed on several modern thematic concepts, and is now once again receiving intense and passionate notice.

168 p, ills colour, 21 x 30 cm, pb, Japanese/English

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Leaving Skull City Selected Writings On Art

Isbn 9782840668770
Publisher Les Presses Du Reel
Idea code 16505
EUR 22.10

Beginning with his work as a participant in the collective Art & Language, Corris's texts include critical surveys of conceptual art, the Artist Placement Group, the early work of Ad Reinhardt, “Young British Art” of the 1990s, and a mordant satire of management in art education. Leaving Skull City is filled with theoretical reflections on the social, philosophical, and political dimensions of contemporary art. Many of these concepts will seem familiar, as they drift in art's contemporary discourse. Yet, these ideas were hardly uncontroversial when first formulated in the context of conversations throughout the New York artworld of the 1970s.

192 p, no ills, 17 x 21 cm, pb, English

Laercio Redondo - Intimacies / Proximidades

Isbn 9783941644861
Publisher The Green Box
Idea code
EUR 26.55

This first anthology dedicated to Laercio Redondo’s artistic production focuses on various aspects of his practice, which rethinks the past in relation to the present using a calculated economy of representation and the superimposition of various grids of meaning. Through a series of essays, a conversation with the artist, as well as extensive illustrations of his work, the reader gains insight into Redondo’s various projects that often take as their subject iconic architecture of the twentieth century in order to address the unresolved afterlife of Brazil’s modernity. The volume’s authors speak to a range of values in his work: from the ostensibly personal to the social and political.

128 p, ills colour & bw, 24 x 32 cm, pb, Portuguese/English

Paul Bogaers - Stereosophic Conjunctions

Isbn 9789462261860
Publisher Lecturis
Idea code 16473
EUR 18.00

Visual artist Paul Bogaers likes to describe his work as 'thought photography'. Making use of a medium that particularly excels in showing the world as it actually looks, Bogaers has been searching for years for ways of using photos to express an inner world. He combines his rather intuitively collected photographs from different sources with his own photographs, usually taken without any preconceived idea. Thus he creates surprising, marvellous, or sometimes even impossible combinations.

48 p, ills bw, 21 x 27 cm, pb, English

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Of Sponge, Stone And The Intertwinement With The Here And Now

Isbn 9789492095213
Publisher Valiz
Idea code 16584
EUR 10.30

This concise book introduces the notion of “experience” as a key concept in a methodology of artistic research. The author, art critic Janneke Wesseling, traces a genealogy of experience from William James, John Dewey, and Alfred North Whitehead to Brian Massumi, placing this concept in a framework of research in visual art. Her argument is founded in the practice of artistic research and in the reflection on the interweaving of thinking and making. This publication is a slightly extended version of Wesseling's inaugural lecture at Leiden University in September 2016. Included is a collaboration with the Austrian performance artist and PhD researcher Lilo Nein.

48 p, ills bw, 16 x 23 cm, pb, English

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Alan Shields: Protracted Simplicity

Isbn 9780934324748
Publisher Aspen Art Press
Idea code
EUR 67.20

This monograph, published on the occasion of the Aspen Art Museum exhibition of Alan Shields (1944–2005) in summer 2016, showcases a comprehensive survey of the artist’s expansive practice, which encompassed printmaking, painting, sculpture and installation. Moving easily between these different mediums, Shields, with his deep consideration of material and colour, was interested in opening up a broader context of art, creating objects that could be experienced in relation to the movement of the human body.

260 p, ills colour & bw, 20 x 25 cm, pb, English

The Coney Island Amateur Psychoanalytic Society And Its Circle

Isbn 9780977869602
Publisher Christine Burgin
Idea code
EUR 33.60

On the afternoon of August 28th, 1909, Sigmund Freud visited Coney Island’s famous Dreamland amusement park. A hundred years later, this book examines his legacy in Coney Island, a history which might have been. It begins with Norman Klein’s reconstruction of his actual visit, though Freud’s real impact appears to have come later, with the founding of the Coney Island Amateur Psychoanalytic Society. Zoe Beloff conjures up the world of this Society, which would have existed from 1926 through the early 1970s, exploring its activities (which included recreating dreams on film) and discussing its visionary founder, Albert Grass, who attempted to rebuild Dreamland according to Freud’s theory of dream formation.

128 p, ills colour & bw, 20 x 25 cm, pb, English

Digital Kids - Edition Digital Culture 4

Isbn 9783856168155
Publisher Christoph Merian
Idea code 16579
EUR 19.90

Today, children and young people are digitally networked and adept at using smartphones and tablets. Within just two decades, digitisation has produced an incredible diversity of creative tools, be it in the field of video, audio, games, or programming. How do children and young people deal with this in everyday life? The fourth volume of Edition Digital Culture deals with this question and reports on successful projects in the field of digital creativity. The book contains examples and case studies, complemented by considerations from the viewpoint of media pedagogy and science. The extensive appendix references additional literature, Internet sources, and a YouTube tutorial.

252 p, ills colour, 11 x 18 cm, pb, German/English

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Insomnia: Sleeplessness As A Cultural Symptom

Isbn 9789188031167
Publisher Art And Theory Publishing
Idea code
EUR 28.25

Insomnia shifts in sleeping habits go together with major changes in our ways of living. Today we are witnessing a corresponding shift, in which the possibility of direct communication at any geographical distance shatters the 24-hour rhythm of the time zones. We have the possibility of doing everything regardless of what time of the day it is. Insomnia aims to draw a map of the sleepless state that this accessibility creates. With contributions from Siri Hustvedt, Sara Arrhenius, Carsten Holler, Rafael Rozendaal and others.

160 p, ills colour & bw, 16 x 24 cm, pb, English

Slow Reader A Resource For Design Thinking And Practice

Isbn 9789492095015
Publisher Valiz
Idea code 16583
EUR 20.00

This book comprises a collection of theoretical reflections and practical perspectives that offer a holistic vision of human activity in enduring, dynamic interaction with other living systems. Positioned as a “resource for design thinking and practice,” it challenges the paths through which contemporary design practitioners operate, suggesting alternative perspectives and an expanded palette of tools for addressing a complex web of interdependencies. Intended to inspire well beyond the various design fields, it serves as a vehicle for reflection, (re-)imagination, and further investigation of “slower” approaches to living, individually and collectively, now and into the future.

256 p, no ills, 16 x 21 cm, pb, English

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