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New Titles in Photography 17 July 2017
All About Saul Leiter

Isbn 9784861526169
Publisher Seigensha
Idea code 17320
EUR 30.25

Published on the occasion of a retrospective exhibition curated by Pauline Vermare of work by Saul Leiter at the Bunkamura Museum of Art in Tokyo, this sincere, beautifully conceived volume offers an in-depth look at this American visual artist’s oeuvre. Known for his photography and painting, a rare and beautiful combination of Japanese and French influences runs through Leiter’s entire body of work. His passion for French impressionism and post-impressionism likely played a role in his love and admiration for Japanese art, leading to the characteristic poetic grace and delicateness seen in his images, as well as an acute awareness of transient, ephemeral beauty.

312 p, ills colour & bw, 15 x 21 cm, pb, Japanese/English

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Michael Wolf - Works

Isbn 9783941249202
Publisher Peperoni Books
Idea code 17340
EUR 57.50

Born in Germany, Michael Wolf’s career as a photojournalist, a freelance photographer and, more recently, an artist spans more than 40 years. Much of that time has been spent in China and Hong Kong, where he developed many of the elements which have become characteristic of his work: obsessive collecting, combining both macro- and micro-perspectives, and the ability to use a specific subject to document the broader transformations of urban life. With more than 400 pictures, this grandiose monograph presents a selection of his most important series and works from the past four decades, including Tokyo Compression, The Real Toy Story, and Architecture of Density.

296 p, ills colour & bw, 24 x 30 cm, hb, English

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Noemie Goudal - Stations

Isbn 9791090306585
Publisher Rvb Books
Idea code 17344
EUR 30.95

Oscillating between fantasy and reality, Noémie Goudal’s images explore both real and fictional geography, creating ephemeral spaces that question the nature of the image and its representational qualities. The series Southern Light Station continues to explore these subjects. Basing off of the symbolic spherical shape in reference to infinity and perfection, Goudal constructs her installations out of paper, wood and mirrors. Suspended in the sky, shot from high viewpoints or in isolated locations, these objects question our perception of the intangible nature of the infinite sky.

44 p, ills colour, 30 x 37 cm, pb, French/English

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Nobuyoshi Araki - Sacchin

Isbn 9784309278148
Publisher Kawade Shobo Shinsha
Idea code 17354
EUR 24.30

The year is 1964, and Nobuyoshi Araki is seeking out Japanese children at play in the streets. Their unbridled young energy is tangible, their camaraderie evident. The boys run and shout, poking fun and pull faces, each daring the other in an game of restless enthusiasm, all set against a backdrop of concrete, rubbish, and steel. Exactly who and where they are is irrelevant – the narrative of these photographs lies in the nostalgia for childhood that this series evokes. Only 24 years old at the time, Araki skilfully captures these fleeting young moments forever.

32 p, ills bw, 21 x 21 cm, hb, Japanese

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New Realities - Photography In The 19th Century

Isbn 9789462083486
Publisher Nai010 Publishers
Idea code 17311
EUR 41.10

Presenting a selection of more than 300 photographs from the large and important collection of the Rijksmuseum, 'New Realities' provides an impressive overview of the international development of photography. Major highlights include the earliest travel photos, motion studies by Eadweard Muybridge, advertising photography, portraits, scenes from everyday life, the earliest photograph taken in Suriname, and amazing shots that were made by microscope and telescope.

340 p, ills colour & bw, 23 x 29 cm, hb, English

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Isabella Rozendaal - Animalia Amsterdam: Pet Portraits

Isbn 9789082722109
Publisher Isabella Rozendaal
Idea code 17368
EUR 25.70

In 2007 Isabella Rozendaal published ‘On Loving Animals’, a photobook about the pets of the Netherlands that documents the loving, outrageous, and complex relationship between humans and animals. The cognitive dissonance between our love for animals and our shameless exploitation of them has been a prominent theme in her work ever since. A decade later, Rozendaal was commissioned by the Amsterdam City Archive to spend a year photographing domesticated animals in almost every neighbourhood in the city. Apparently the animals of Amsterdam have remained largely invisible in the city’s recorded history, something which Rozendaal hopes to change.

80 p, ills colour, 17 x 24 cm, hb, Dutch/English

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Arthur Mebius - Dear Sky / North Korean Aviation

Isbn 9789492051301
Publisher The Eriskay Connection
Idea code 17334
EUR 36.00

Air Koryo is the state-owned national airline of North Korea. International sanctions and environmental restrictions have reduced the airline’s international destinations with only China and Vladivostok remaining. The old Antonovs, Ilyushins and Tupolevs rarely fly abroad and therefore seem superfluous. Nevertheless these aircraft and their crews are kept ready for operation. Arthur Mebius monitors the routine operations by the crew which appears as a rehearsed play of maintenance, controls, and procedures. A beautiful ground control dance of which an image of dedication and pride arises.

128 p, ills colour, 20 x 28 cm, hb, English

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Lynn Alleva Lilley - Tender Mint

Isbn 9789492051318
Publisher The Eriskay Connection
Idea code 17335
EUR 30.85

In September 2011, Lynn Alleva Lilley (USA) moved with her husband and two children to Amman, Jordan. Far away from her home and her father, who was ill at the time, she tries to make a home for her family in the strange place. There she uses her photography to familiarise this initially strange land. Over the course of three years she photographed the Jordanian people, Syrian and Iraqi refugees, animals in private zoos or farms, bird migration, and landscapes. Themes such as displacement, entrapment, and adaptation are strongly reflected in this book.

144 p, ills colour, 21 x 30 cm, pb, English

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Albert Elm: What Sort Of Life Is This

Isbn 9780989785983
Publisher The Ice Plant
Idea code 17337
EUR 47.05

'What Sort of Life Is This' remixes Elm’s distant and local journeys into a bright, bewildering panoply of narrative fragments and surreal compositions that feels both global and personal, fractured yet strangely complete. Photographed using a 35mm film camera (color and black and white) and referencing numerous styles and genres, the work explodes with the spontaneous color and complexity of life – tender, violent, lonely, joyful, bizarre. Equalizing the exotic and the banal, the book treats every picture as if it were made in the same mystifying place: the world itself.

128 p, ills colour & bw, 20 x 28 cm, hb, English

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Tim Carpenter: Local Objects

Isbn 9780989785990
Publisher The Ice Plant
Idea code 17336
EUR 47.05

While each picture records the seemingly random non-activity of a typical street view, Carpenter’s meticulous composition and contemplative sequencing creates a harmony of natural and geometric motifs running quietly throughout the book, an interplay of minor chords that draws the viewer into this specific physical place (mostly central Illinois, where Carpenter grew up). Detached from the urgency of current affairs, stripped of all excess, the photographs reflect a poetic attempt to see “the thing in itself,” to make meaning with the barest tools possible.

144 p, ills colour, 19 x 22 cm, hb, English

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Anders Petersen - Color Lehmitz

Isbn 9788493968274
Publisher Cabeza De Chorlito
Idea code 17366
EUR 51.00

In 1967 Petersen started photographing the customers of a bar called Café Lehmitz in Hamburg. He kept coming there for a period of almost three years and in 1970 Café Lehmitz hosted Petersen's first solo exhibition, with 350 photographs nailed to the wall. All sorts of people went to Cafe Lehmitz: locals, people from the harbour and surrounding cities, as well as a lot of elderly prostitutes. Café Lehmitz, first published in 1978, is an affectionate portrayal of the regular visitors of this late night bar. This new book shows the images that Petersen highlighted and marked on the contact proof sheets of the period, with signs, signals and colours.

160 p, ills colour & bw, 26 x 20 cm, hb, Spanish/English

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Nora Bibel - Family Comes First

Isbn 9783941644960
Publisher The Green Box
Idea code 17295
EUR 37.60

In India, the joint family is a sacred institution deeply rooted in Hindu heritage. In a traditional indian joint family three or more generations live under one roof, sharing one kitchen, sometimes even one bank account. Though extended families exist in most parts of rural India and some cities, joint families are increasingly hard to find. New lifestyles and social codes pose a growing challenge to traditional values and established roles and rites. But what still remains is the idea of 'Family Comes First'. The family portraits in the book were taken in the living rooms of their houses. Like in old family portraits the protagonists had to be very still through the long exposure time, making everybody seem rather stiff and serious.

104 p, ills colour, 22 x 28 cm, hb, English

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Jeremie Souteyrat - Tokyo No Ie

Isbn 9784861526060
Publisher Seigensha
Idea code 17281
EUR 39.00

French photographer Jérémie Souteyrat presents some of the best private houses in his adopted city of Tokyo. A documentary photographer by trade, it was only after moving to Japan that he taught himself how to photograph architecture. His desire to capture the tiny streets of Tokyo led to a personal project where he sought out the most interesting and surprising contemporary houses in the city’s residential neighbourhoods. He spent four years making images of these hidden architectural gems by a range of architects, including firms like Atelier Bow Wow, Go Hasegawa, Sou Fujimoto Architects, Shigeru Ban, and ALX. Includes an interview with Japanese architect Kengo Kuma.

144 p, ills colour, 19 x 26 cm, pb, Japanese/English

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Orna Wertman - The Day The Earth Shakes

Isbn 9789081408530
Publisher Wertman
Idea code 17248
EUR 41.15

Orna Wertman’s latest series of photomontages reflects the state of Europe in 2017. Using her own material – images shot between 2013 and 2016 – she invents new places through a technique of disassembling and reassembling photographs. What emerges is a photograph of stark contrasts that effectively conveys the palpable unease lingering in our environment. The cities of Venice, Porto, Paris, and Haifa provide the stage for uncanny combinations. Wertman’s work, although perhaps puzzling at first, sometimes even eerily disorienting, acknowledges past and future disasters while refusing to give up a sense of optimism. Disasters may strike, but the will to live is stronger still.

60 p, ills colour, 30 x 22 cm, hb, English

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Karlheinz Weinberger - Vol 1 Halbstarke

Isbn 9783906822143
Publisher Sturm & Drang
Idea code 17317
EUR 33.40

In 1958, Zürich photographer Karlheinz Weinberger first captured the likeness of Halbstarke (rebel) Jimmy Oechslin, an artistic moment which marks the genesis of this collection of images focused on young Swiss teenagers. That particular photographic encounter triggered Weinberger’s life-long fascination with outsiders and nonconformists in the otherwise staid environment of Switzerland. The photographs presented in this first of several volumes about his work offer a rare glimpse into a bygone world that seems almost cute and quaint from a contemporary perspective, but make no mistake: just dressing in jeans and hanging chains around one’s neck was a statement as loud as blasting music by Buddy Holly on a quiet Swiss Sunday afternoon.

128 p, ills bw, 21 x 28 cm, pb, English

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Peyman Hooshmandzadeh - One

Isbn 9786001522291
Publisher Nazar Publishing
Idea code 17322
EUR 3.00

Iranian photographer Peyman Hooshmandzadeh compiles four of his earlier series in a reflection on the meaning of “one”. While the respective themes are straightforward – belts, clothes, moustaches, balconies – the meaning behind the pictures becomes more complex. Each category is a repetition of one image, yet however similar they are, the images are not equal. More broadly, the images contain narratives of perception. Balconies conceal or reveal, depending on how they are used. And unlike the belts, where people expressed their reluctance to be photographed with jokes and sarcasm, those whose moustaches were pictured regarded the activity as a serious matter.

110 p, ills colour & bw, 23 x 22 cm, hb, Persian/English

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Kaveh Kazemi - Revolutionaries The First Decade

Isbn 9786001522130
Publisher Nazar Publishing
Idea code 17323
EUR 73.50

This book contains what Iranian photojournalist Kaveh Kazemi considers to be some of his best work. The striking images were taken during the events of the Iranian Revolution and its aftermath, the Iran-Iraq War. The events documented in these photographs shook the world at the time, and very much continue to shape the lives of Iranians today. Kazemi’s sharp eye and unflagging courage captured familiar scenes from the events of those years: massive marches in the streets against authoritarianism, fighters on their way to the front, chador-clad women instructing the use of firearms and gas masks, and signboards covered with the names and pictures of martyrs.

198 p, ills bw, 24 x 31 cm, hb, Persian/English

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Stefano Arienti - Misregistered

Isbn 9788875706500
Publisher Corraini Edizioni
Idea code
EUR 34.80

Designed in black and white, 'Fuori Registro' (Misregistered) gathers a series of images originally shot in colour, to which a halftone screen has been applied. Digital photos, “which we snap continuously”, in which Stefano Arienti, mainly portrays the countryside, on the scale of minute organisms like insects and leaves, as well as sheep and storks, self-portraits, walls and people lighting the St. Anthony bonfire. It is not only nature separated from its human visitors, but a landscape Arienti loves and knows well. Through misregistered effect, the images are simplified, almost becoming drawings.

64 p, ills bw, 28 x 40 cm, pb, Italian/English

Gregoire Eloy - The Fault

Isbn 9791090306615
Publisher Rvb Books
Idea code 17343
EUR 38.70

Realized between 2015-16, this project explores seismology through the perspective of an artist in the photographs of Grégoire Eloy. The artist photographed the Balmuccia fault line in the Italian Alps, which measures thirty meters in length and less than one centimeter in diameter. This fault is the mark left behind by an underground earthquake in the earth’s mantle millions of years ago, brought to the surface with the formation of the Alps.

70 p, ills bw, 23 x 32 cm, pb, French/English

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