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New Titles in Photography 5 December 2017
Carla Van De Puttelaar - Adornments

Isbn 9789490119560
Publisher Fw: Books
Idea code 17564
EUR 51.45

Carla van de Puttelaar opens our awareness to the sensitivity and sensuality of skin. The female body has long been the main subject of her photography, and her models appear poised and aloof, with chilled skin lit by natural light, one of Van de Puttelaar’s most important tools and assets – one which she harnesses with incredible deftness. She also examines the skin and texture of flowers in her ‘Hortus Nocturnum’ series, particularly those about to fade. ‘Adornments’ comprises a new collection of photographs, where images of flowers and trees are juxtaposed with the faces and bodies of women, capturing Galateas and Ophelias, conjuring Rembrandt and Maria Austria.

270 p, ills colour, 24 x 33 cm, hb, English

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Geert Goiris - Peak Oil (Limited Edition With Print)

Isbn 9789492811103
Publisher Roma Publications
Idea code 17614
EUR 61.70

New series of photographs by Geert Goiris, addressing the topic of our contemporary oil culture. Commissioned by Rubis Mécénat cultural fund, Goiris was given permission to the Rubis Terminal sites in Rouen and other sites in Europe. He tackles the subject from the outside, limiting himself to that particular moment when oil is seemingly without drama. This is not about the technical feat of extracting the oil from the earth, nor about the economic, social and/or geopolitical effects generated by its existence. Rather it is about the in-between stations, the moments when oil is only potentially active. Limited edition with print.

68 p, ills colour, 24 x 30 cm, pb, English

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Bill 1

Isbn 9789492811080
Publisher Roma Publications
Idea code 17607
EUR 22.65

First issue of an annual magazine of photographic stories, edited and designed by Julie Peeters. Twelve contributors present new or previously unpublished work. BILL prioritizes visual reading without distraction, the images that appear in the magazine are printed without any accompanying text. Contributors to the first issue are: Jochen Lempert, Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, Katja Mater, Elena Narbutaite, Rosalind Nashashibi & Vivian Suter, Arthur Ou, Scott Ponik, Adam Putnam, Johannes Schwartz, Algirdas Šeškus, Linda Van Deursen, and Stand Up Comedy.

176 p, ills colour & bw, 23 x 31 cm, pb, English

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New Dutch Photography Talent 2018

Isbn 9789082483352
Publisher X Publishers
Idea code 17606
EUR 25.70

The seventh edition of an annual publication covering the latest photographers emerging from the Netherlands. Colourful, confronting and sublime, work by no less than 100 young talents is highlighted in all its strange, exuberant and wonderful diversity. Including, among others, work by Willy Lamers, Tim Allen, Tamara Stoffers, Ingeborg ten Hoopen, Olympe Tits, and Studio Kunst & Beeld.

400 p, ills colour & bw, 17 x 23 cm, hb, English

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Jan Hoek: My Maasai, The Maasai Photographed By Eastern African Photographers

Isbn 9789490800680
Publisher Art Paper Editions
Idea code 17547
EUR 25.70

The Maasai tribe is one of the most photographed tribes across Africa, but pictures of them that cross the world are almost always from Western photographers who show a cliché like vision of the traditional jumping Maasai. ‘My Maasai’ is a photo publication in which photographers from Eastern Africa show their vision on the Maasai. It shows pictures of a rapper Maasai, a pilot Maasai, a lesbian Maasai, Maasai architecture, a female Maasai God and much more. This book fights the stereotype image of the jumping Maasai and shows at the same time why African photographers are so much better in photographing the topics in their own region. ‘My Maasai’ is an initiative of Jan Hoek, in collaboration with Kenyan based photographers; Sarah Waiswa (Uganda), Joel Lukhovi (Kenya), Mohammed Althoum (Sudan) as well as students of the De-Capture Limited School of Photography.

116 p, ills colour & bw, 24 x 33 cm, pb, English

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Veronika Spierenburg Oya-Ishi - Oya Stone

Isbn 9789490800727
Publisher Art Paper Editions
Idea code 17578
EUR 36.00

Photography has become an obsession in Japan where only a few unspoiled spots can be found. For three months, Veronika Spierenburg moved from Japan’s south to its north. From this, Spierenburg created an artist’s book which shows the richness of textures, artifacts, traditional as well as modern architecture in an idiosyncratic mood. The photographs shed light on how Japanese culture manifests itself in its craftsmanship. The buildings of famous architects such as Kenzo Tange, Togo Murano, Tadao Ando, Kazuo Shinohara and Kisho Kurokawa are presented in the book along with folk architecture.

184 p, ills colour, 21 x 28 cm, pb, English

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Georg Gatsas - Signal The Future

Isbn 9783952471012
Publisher Cpress / Loose Joints
Idea code 17594
EUR 40.90

Georg Gatsas went in search of the protagonists of the electronic dance music known as dubstep for this series, portraying the scene’s producers and dancers in images of intimate instantaneity. Considered a late successor to jungle, dubstep arose in the early 2000s as the sound of South London, a bass-heavy, decidedly melancholic hybrid of the older genre of dub with various forms of electronic music. Gatsas focuses especially on the scene in connection with record labels in London and Berlin, exploring how this bass-fuelled, conspicuously anti-celebrity underground can be seen as the last sub-culture to be linked to a certain urbanity that nevertheless eludes localisation.

232 p, ills colour, 20 x 30 cm, pb, English

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Christoph Oeschger - They've Made Us Ghosts

Isbn 9783952471029
Publisher Cpress
Idea code 17593
EUR 30.55

Calais is a bottleneck for refugees in Europe. People from Afghanistan, Iran, Eritrea, Somalia, Syria, and elsewhere find themselves stranded in the French port on their way to the United Kingdom, stopped by a complex border control regime comprising surveillance systems, fences, and militaristic security. Christoph Oeschger captures the perspectives and realities of border guards and refugees in this new series, exploring the layers of violence embedded there: displacement, political architecture, statistics, and so on. The emptiness of the places he photographs and the absence of dramatic scenes act as an echo chamber, reflecting the sense of void that comes with enforced waiting.

140 p, ills colour & bw, 18 x 29 cm, pb, English

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People Of Lentini 1972-1980

Isbn 9788887071672
Publisher A+m Bookstore
Idea code 17574
EUR 55.25

The portraits in this book were made by Franco Lanteri in Lentini, a town located in south-east Sicily. He was part of a generation of photographers in 1950s Italy that learned by doing. Lanteri’s job in this provincial town covered a range of social ceremonies, such as weddings, birthdays, and baptisms, but also ID photos. Here the averted gazes of the nameless subjects, their almost three-quarters poses, and use of lights and black-and-white film are aspects that seem entirely contrary to today’s canons of photography for identification documents. Compiled as large-format reproductions, they reflect a narrative approach, or perhaps one more befitting to an anthropological investigation.

406 p, ills bw, 21 x 30 cm, pb, English

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Sarah Vade - Boy

Isbn 9791096155040
Publisher Tombolo Presses
Idea code 17573
EUR 27.65

'BOY': an anthology of selected commercial ads published in the US Playboy from 1960 to 2003, edited and arranged by author Sarah Vadé. 800 pages of glamour advertising aimed at the 20th century male, patiently converted by a 21st century young woman into a 400 pages publication.

400 p, ills colour & bw, 21 x 27 cm, pb, no text

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Stefan Hammer Mao's Paradise

Isbn 9789462262591
Publisher Lecturis
Idea code 17569
EUR 35.95

Stefan Hammer’s travels through China have produced an incisive look at urban life there – in photographs taken predominantly in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Tianjin, and Hong Kong. He is drawn in equal measure to the ultramodern, hugely capitalist quarters of booming megacities and to neighbourhoods that are in danger of being torn down. How well are the Chinese doing at finding their own identity, one that is permanently marked by the old propaganda and defined by the panacea promised by consumerism?

120 p, ils colour & bw, 16 x 24 cm, pb, English

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Luis Sanchis

Isbn 9783906822204
Publisher Sturm & Drang
Idea code 17566
EUR 65.25

Luis Sanchis was born and raised in Spain. He moved to NYC in 1994 where he started his career as a professional photographer. Luis’ analog images always had a feel of the experimental with a deep understanding of colour and lighting techniques. He was rapidly picked up by the iconic British magazine 'THE FACE', where he started working as a regular contributor from 1996 until its closing. Luis uses his camera as a means of self expression and exploration. His first monograph covers a wide spectrum of sectors from fashion to music, sports, celebrities, beauty, landscape and film.

200 p, ills colour, 23 x 31 cm, hb, English

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Valerie Phillips - 40 Minutes Outside London

Publisher Larger Moon Farther
Idea code 17562
EUR 10.65

Born in New York City and currently based in London, fashion photographer Valerie Phillips has gained success through work appearing on album covers and in advertisements for well-known commercial clients. She has also published several books, each documenting the life of a different girl. Here she steps into the realm of a leggy blonde teenager, portraying her in an intimately candid style. The casual series of youthful snapshots framed by kitschy floral wallpapers draws the viewer into “a suburban world of alien girls rubbing sleep from their eyes, wandering the rooms, parks, and spaces they call home, wearing ’80s swimwear with no pool in sight”.

46 p, ills colour, 15 x 21 cm, pb, English

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Michiel & Arnout De Cleene - F#1-13

Isbn 9789490800673
Publisher Art Paper Editions
Idea code 17603
EUR 20.55

F#1-13 is a collection of photographs, sculptures, wind barbs and texts around a gridded flag that blew for thirty-nine days in Citadel Park, Ghent (Belgium). The flag was photographed every third day. A wind sensor, attached to the flagpole, measured the wind direction and speed. The results of the measurements – taken at the same instant as the photographs – were plotted out using wind-barbs. Texts were written based on phenomena, dialogues, manuals, revelations and data along the side-lines of the process of capturing the flag. The uppercase, italicized and sans serif F in the title of this book refers to a north-northeasterly wind of 20 knots coming from the direction of the flag and passing exactly between two nearby museums.

64 p, ills bw, 25 x 31 cm, pb, English

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Robert Adams: Tenancy

Isbn 9781881337454
Publisher Fraenkel Gallery
Idea code
EUR 58.55

For the past four decades photographer Robert Adams has focused on the changing landscape of the American West. His refined black-and-white style documents scenes revealing the impact of human activity on the last vestiges of wilderness and open space. Often devoid of human subjects, Adams’s photographs capture the physical traces of our presence. ‘Tenancy’ proposes that we have only “temporary possession” of this earth. The series of more than 40 images alludes to a crisis in environmental stewardship, its subject a two-mile-long promontory on the Oregon coast, the Nehalem Spit. There Adams explores both the residue of clearcutting and natural wonders.

112 p, ills bw, 25 x 30 cm, hb, English

The Eyes No 8

Isbn 9791092727210
Publisher Aman Iman Publishing
Idea code 17599
EUR 27.65

Looking back, there have been historical “peaks” when the photographic narrative seemed to express a will to tell something by means of the image, whether fictional or documentary, without addressing the age-old conflict between the readable and the visible. Nowadays, the inflation of vernacular images in artists’ work is a sign of consensus about the desire for narrative. This issue considers the possibility that we are currently experiencing one of these peaks. Among the contributors are Jeffery Ladd, writing about Jim Goldberg and Saul Leiter, and Tamara Berghmans, who revisits Ed van der Elsken, plus portfolios from new talents (Laia Abril, Christian Vium) and more.

216 p, ills colour & bw, 21 x 28 cm, pb, English

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Extra 22: Kritiek

Isbn 9789490119584
Publisher Fw: Books
Idea code 17571
EUR 12.35

EXTRA 22 staat volledig in het teken van kritiek, van kritische artistieke posities tot recente ontwikkelingen in het schrijven en denken over fotografie. Aan bod komen actuele thema’s als de alomtegenwoordigheid van fotoprijzen, de complexe representatie van geschiedenis en het kritisch potentieel van het beeld in het internettijdperk. Ook besteedt EXTRA 22 aandacht aan enkele inspirerende werken uit het verleden, van John Berger, Harun Farocki en Martha Rosler. De recensies, essays, interviews en kunstenaarsbijdragen in dit nummer weerspiegelen uiteenlopende perspectieven en tegengestelde opvattingen. Samen vormen zij een waaier aan mogelijkheden voor de actuele fotografiekritiek.

128 p, ills colour & bw, 17 x 24 cm, pb, Dutch

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