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New Titles in Art 26 April 2018
Fiona Tan - 10 Madnesses

Isbn 9789492811158
Publisher Roma Publications
Idea code 18155
EUR 15.45

'Five Portraits of the Insane' by the nineteenth century French artist Théodore Géricault are said to be all that remain of originally ten commissioned portraits of insane patients. Each painting depicts a particular mental condition, a so-called monomania including a kleptomaniac, a woman mad with envy, and a child kidnapper. Almost nothing is known about these portraits, but they raise a multitude of questions. Who are these people? In what way are they insane? What and where are the five missing madnesses? Intrigued and inspired by an absence, Tan decides to go in search of them. Pairing personal impressions with formal analysis and archival research, the essay ventures far beyond the boundaries of art history.

120 p, ills bw, 11 x 18 cm, hb, English

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Rene Daniels - Works From 2006 To 2017

Isbn 9789492811202
Publisher Roma Publications
Idea code 18198
EUR 30.85

In his works on canvas created over the past twelve years, René Daniëls often returns to his paintings from the period before 1987. He adopts ciphers deriving from these works but uses them to develop a different, unprecedented language. Changing pictorial constellations express an existential situation of non-communication and isolation but are also pushed beyond these limits into a realm of extraordinary painterly possibilities. The present publication accompanies an exhibition of René Daniëls’s work from 2006 to 2017 at Reset in Borgloon, Belgium, curated by Ulrich Loock. It marks the first time that the paintings Daniëls has produced since his devastating stroke in 1987 have been presented as a substantial and autonomous body of work.

80 p, ills colour, 24 x 31 cm, hb, English

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New York Studio Conversations Ii - Twenty-One Women Talk About Art

Isbn 9783941644038
Publisher The Green Box
Idea code 18194
EUR 19.90

For the third volume of this ongoing series art historian Stephanie Buhmann conducted interviews with twenty artists, whose ages range from early 41 to 96, who have one thing in common: they work and live in New York. Conceived as a counter-balance to the notion of art as a commodity, the project further aims to provide a permanent forum for some of the inspiring female artists working today. This volume introduces the following artists: Mary Abbott, Ghada Amer, Petah Coyne, Louise Fishman, Judy Glantzman, Lorrie Goulet, Julie Heffernan, Alicia Henry, Virva Hinnemo, Sharon Horvath, Julie Mehretu, Keiko Narahashi, Shirin Neshat, Leslie Roberts, Carolee Schneemann, Shahzia Sikander, Rebecca Smith, Pat Steir, Jessica Stockholder, Kim Uchiyama.

316 p, ills bw, 12 x 18 cm, pb, English

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Adam Lee - Votive

Isbn 9780995358690
Publisher Perimeter Editions
Idea code 18132
EUR 45.20

Driven by an interest in the idea of human desire for a divine world, Adam Lee brings a mystical element to his paintings. The world building which he has undertaken over much of his artistic oeuvre seems to have perpetuated its own fictionalised reality. Lee thinks of the figures he depicts as symbols within the paintings, in the sense that they could represent many different things. Drawing on both hermitic figures in art history and literary figures, he explores broader themes like lamentation, transfiguration, and the experience of illumination. Featuring recent watercolours and oil paintings by Lee, the book also includes a conversation with the artist and a text by Jack Willet.

112 p, ills colour, 22 x 30 cm, pb, English

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Jan Von Holleben - Kosmos

Isbn 9783944630014
Publisher Little Steidl
Idea code 18170
EUR 82.25

Jan von Holleben’s idiosyncratic images have become part of the contemporary German photographic imagination. He constructed this ‘Kosmos’ of six planets with little more than a box of props, a team of willing helpers, some clippings from the garden, and his camera. Without any digital manipulation, strange things happen before the camera: ghosts flash through the Berlin cityscape, plants cast shadows on the sky, many places appear in the same place at once, and monsters imitate flowers. Each planet is an optical riddle, and the only clues Von Holleben leaves us are visual ones. This original printed work encompasses six variably sized books in a portfolio box.

144 p, ills colour, 28 x 36 cm, pb, English

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Anna Amadio - Dear Colour

Isbn 9783856168544
Publisher Christoph Merian
Idea code 18206
EUR 30.95

The work of artist Anna Amadio is varied and fascinating. Since the mid-1990s she has been working with the media of installation, sculpture, painting, and drawing. From the start Amadio had an intense leaning towards colour/paint, on the one hand, and plastic on the other, which she either blows up to make air objects, vacuums into larger-than-life lanes/passage-ways, covers whole rooms with or heats up so as to make shrunken objects. This richly illustrated publication provides a survey of Anna Amadio’s work of the last 25 years and brings together texts highlighting different phases in her career. In a conversation with Peter Strohler the artist talks about the genesis of her works.

152 p, ills colour, 19 x 25 cm, pb, German/English

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Estrela Gusmao Paiva Lua Cao

Isbn 9789492811219
Publisher Roma Publications
Idea code 18188
EUR 20.60

‘Lua Cão’ is published on the occasion of an exhibition by Alexandre Estrela with João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva at Kunstverein München. The exhibition is an immersive experiment in the moving image, wherein a projectionist uses a technical script to arrange 20 analogue films and digital videos in a series of fifteen-minute constellations. The book diverges from the exhibition to recount the endless encounters of Tom, an avid image consumer, and Jerry, a zealous projectionist, through more than 150 texts by Alexandre Estrela, Chris Fitzpatrick, João Maria Gusmão, Pedro Paiva, and the Post Brothers.

ills colour & bw, 21 x 30 cm, pb, English

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Pieterjan Ginckels Solar Safari

Isbn 9789490800772
Publisher Art Paper Editions
Idea code 18148
EUR 19.55

‘Solar Safari’ hunts down Belgium’s finest photovoltaic compositions. In line with previous works and performances by Pieterjan Ginckels, this book is all about cultural archaeology and technological critique. The artist takes a field trip across Belgium, documenting the haphazard solar panel configurations on private rooftops, providing us with an exhaustive number of examples. His photographic evidence, paired with Instagram-mined wordiness, transforms and criticises the footage on the different levels at play. In addition to this chunk of geometric superficialism is an overview of ‘Speed Trips’, the performative sightseeing Ginckels has developed over the past decade.

436 p, ills colour & bw, 12 x 17 cm, pb, English

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Jonathan Horowitz Leftover Paint Abstractions

Isbn 9789491245206
Publisher Xavier Hufkens
Idea code 18136
EUR 25.70

Published in conjunction with an exhibition of new work by New York-based artist Jonathan Horowitz at Xavier Hufkens, Brussels, this catalogue introduces a radical departure from Horowitz’s previous work: a new painting series that could be described as abstract expressionist. The project emerged from thinking about ways to get rid of leftover paint. As art historian Joshua Decter writes in his text for the book, “An old adage has it that a painting is never finished, it is merely abandoned. For Horowitz, one might propose a new adage: that a can of paint is never finished, it is merely abandoned with some leftover paint inside of it.” Features a conversation with the artist.

72 p, ills colour & bw, 21 x 29 cm, hb, English

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Isbn 9780949004093
Publisher Open Editions
Idea code 18209
EUR 27.75

This new volume in the Occasional Table series of critical anthologies focusses on the act of distribution as a subject for serious creative consideration and one of great social and economic importance. Contributors from a variety of backgrounds paint a picture that embraces the actions of the individual along-side the workings of global markets. From the attention-seeking impulse of the poseur to the democratisation of art and knowledge through books, digital networks, pop music, and self-organised libraries, and to the question of what can be known and by whom, the urge to disseminate is explored here as an elemental phenomenon of our time.

264 p, no ills, 16 x 21 cm, pb, English

The Long 1980s Constellations Of Art, Politics, And Identities. A Collection Of Microhistories

Isbn 9789492095497
Publisher Valiz / L'internationale
Idea code 18193
EUR 28.30

The 1980s triggered a fundamental reorientation in the relationship between governments and their publics, in turn shaping the imaginative landscape of the 21st century. Art and culture played a central role in responding to, pre-empting, and articulating these changes. Although globalisation has produced greater inequality and mixed economic results, it has also permitted the emergence of new regional cultural and activist networks, along with the possibility of a new global or transnational culture. How the effects of this shift have impacted our contemporary condition is told in diverse microhistories which compare very different geopolitical situations in Europe and beyond.

416 p, ills bw, 17 x 24 cm, hb, English

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The Constituent Museum - Constellations Of Knowledge, Politics And Mediation. A Generator Of Social Change

Isbn 9789492095428
Publisher Valiz / L'internationale
Idea code 18192
EUR 29.50

This book offers a diverse, rigorous, and experimental analysis of what is commonly known as education, mediation, or interpretation within museum institutions. It takes the visitor not as a passive receiver of predefined content, but as a member of a constituent body, one who facilitates, provokes, and inspires. The publication situates these practices within the socio-political context and the physical and organisational structure, and attempts to understand this change in an integral, interdisciplinary manner. It addresses such issues as ownership and power dynamics, collective pedagogy, co-curation, crowdsourcing, digital cultivation, activating archives, and more.

384 p, ills bw, 17 x 24 cm, hb, English

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Aimee Zito Lema Imprinted Mater / Materia Impresa

Isbn 9789492282019
Publisher Looiersgracht 60
Idea code 18203
EUR 38.55

This publication explores Aimée Zito Lema’s work and the relationship between memory and image, investigating the way events are remembered and recorded, and how they influence the future. The artist deals with memories and traumas in a poetic manner, visualising how history interacts with the body. Numerous small archival fragments collectively embody an assemblage, like materialised spectres from the past, shaped and marked by life. With a selection of images of research, work in progress, and new works produced for the exhibition, the book contributes to a fuller understanding of the scope of her oeuvre and was designed by Studio Veronica Ditting.

128 p, ills bw, 15 x 21 cm, pb, Spanish/English

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Crash Test - La Revolution Moleculaire

Isbn 9782490123018
Publisher La Panadee
Idea code 18129
EUR 29.85

Catalogue of the exhibition-manifesto curated by Nicolas Bourriaud, which takes as its starting point the integration of the notion of Anthropocene in today's artistic scene: the publication proposes an exploration of the output of a new generation of artists who are working on reality, and doing away with the traditional division between the notions of “culture” and “nature.” The catalogue reviews each exhibited work in detail, and offers an enlightening glossary.

272 p, ills colour & bw, 17 x 24 cm, pb, French/English

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Lee Lozano - Slip Slide Splice

Isbn 9781908612502
Publisher Fruitmarket Gallery
Idea code 18161
EUR 20.85

This book accompanies an exhibition of work by the inventive American artist Lee Lozano at the Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh. A major figure in the New York art scene of the 1960s and early ’70s, Lozano took a radical approach to art and life. Her systematic refusal to engage with the institutions and support structures of the art world led to her work being neglected and gradually less well known, but recently this has begun to change. By bringing together paintings, drawings, language pieces, and notes on making paintings that have only just come to light, the book furthers the reassessment of her oeuvre. Included is a new essay on Lozano’s work by Helena Vilalta.

160 p, ills colour & bw, 16 x 19 cm, pb, English

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Secundino Hernandez - All Is Too Much

Isbn 9788494619090
Publisher Cac Malaga
Idea code 18089
EUR 66.45

Secundino Hernández paints compositions in two-dimensional space that create an atmosphere where colours appear to float. As Fernando Francés, director at CAC Málaga, expresses it, “His painting travels the circuit between figuration and abstraction in an endless game of lines and planes”. Especially characterised by abstraction, his seemingly analytical works try to reduce the concept of painting to little more than an outline. This catalogue accompanies an exhibition of around 40 of Hernández’s paintings and works on paper, including many large-format pieces, some of which were produced specifically for the exhibition. Includes a close art historical reading by Christopher Moore.

172 p, ills colour, 24 x 31 cm, hb, Spanish/English

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Matthias Meyer & Alexander Rischer - The Ballad Of George Barrington

Isbn 9783941644946
Publisher The Green Box
Idea code 18123
EUR 32.05

In 2015 Matthias Meyer and Alexander Rischer undertook an artistic research project about the life of the notorious pickpocket, George Barrington, whose career brought him from the aristocratic circles in late 18th-century London to Australia, where he became chief of police in Parramatta. A central outcome of the project, this book features original transcripts of the court cases against him, published in German for the first time, among other findings. Besides photographic testimonies, it combines authentic and created documents and objects related to Barrington. It entails a search for stolen goods, precious and mundane objects, and persons and their relations to one another.

160 p, ills colour & bw, 17 x 24 cm, hb, German/English

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Play With Ukiyo-E - Children's And Toy Ukiyo-E In The Edo Period

Isbn 9784861526596
Publisher Seigensha
Idea code 18097
EUR 27.10

Ukiyo-e, pictures of the floating world, are the cultural media that define the Edo Period in Japan, and their themes have a wide range. A considerable number of these prints feature children. The vibrant depictions of children at play, quarrelling, being spoiled by mothers and older sisters, or showing off talents surpassing their adult counterparts, evokes an enchanting world of discovery and nostalgia. Besides prints, Ukiyo-e artists also created toy paper crafts for children, known as Omocha-e. This book offers a rich overview of different types of Ukiyo-e, both about and for children, selected from among thousands of examples in the collection of the Kumon Institute of Education.

232 p, ills colour & bw, 21 x 15 cm, pb, Japanese/English summary

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Suzy Lee - The Border Trilogy

Isbn 9788875707163
Publisher Corraini Edizioni
Idea code 18184
EUR 27.65

There’s an unspoken rule in publishing that an artist doesn’t draw in the middle of two facing pages so as not to cause confusion. What happens though if this rule is ignored? The idea for 'The Border Trilogy' came about after a bookseller wrote to Suzy Lee saying he was perplexed about the illustration in Wave, where part of the girl and the seagull flying above her seem to be missing: “Is it a printer’s error ?” he asks. No it isn’t: it’s just that the artist wants to cross the physical borders a book can generate, shifting the reader’s eye towards new perspectives. In this book, Lee reveals the secrets of how she composed and created three of her books, redefining the limits of the blank page.

176 p, ills colour & bw, 16 x 24 cm, pb, English

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Illustrators Annual 2018

Isbn 9788875707064
Publisher Corraini Edizioni
Idea code 18179
EUR 43.50

The Illustrators’ Exhibition at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair is one of the most important events in the world of illustration. For more than 50 years, the Exhibition has featured works by the greatest names in children’s publishing. 'The Illustrators Annual 2018' unites projects by the 76 artists selected from 3,200 illustrators from around the globe. With a cover illustration drawn by Ludwig Volbeda, winner of the International Hans Christian Andersen Award, in addition to the selected works, the volume also features contributions by the five jury members: illustrators Anastasia Arkhipova, Peggy Espinosa, and William Grill, publisher Allyn Johnston, and professor and illustrator Bernd Mölck-Tassel.

192 p, ills colour & bw, 23 x 28 cm, pb, Italian/English

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Rohan Hutchinson - An Error Has Occurred

Isbn 9780648262817
Publisher Perimeter Editions
Idea code 18210
EUR 37.00

Rohan Hutchinson’s new book is based around a core series of large-format photographs that he made during an expedition to the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard in 2017. The expedition’s focus was to record and document the beauty, enormity, and diversity of the Arctic landscape. He later reinterpreted and expanded the scope of the photographs in a bid to respond to the impact of climate change on the Arctic region and address our responsibilities as global citizens. The final result has two components: the large-format images and a series of physical and chemical reworkings of the photographic prints. Paired with the originals, they reveal a ravaged, blackened Arctic landscape.

48 p, ills colour & bw, 24 x 30 cm, pb, English

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Claires Fontaines

Isbn 9783906213200
Publisher Rollo Press
Idea code 18202
EUR 12.50

This publication gathers the comic illustrations Antoine Orand produced under his “Claires Fontaines” moniker. Printed on newspaper, the work is linear, logical, and slick, with the bold colours and clean lines reminiscent of pop artists like Roy Lichtenstein. Everyday objects, actions, and mechanisms are depicted in six-panel narratives of extreme close-ups that serve to abstract their mundane subjects to an intriguing and often humorous degree. From pumping petrol, opening an umbrella, or turning on a faucet, to tossing a ball for a dog and cutting rose stems, Orand shows an expert eye for detail and visual clues along with a fascination for the mechanical workings of things.

48 p, ills colour, 21 x 31 cm, pb, no text

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Unpacking The Processes Of Artistic Knowledge Sonic Acts Academy 2018

Isbn 9789082321647
Publisher Sonic Acts
Idea code 18141
EUR 9.80

Sonic Acts Academy is a new platform for investigation, speculation, and reflection, focusing on experimental educational practices and the critical examination of knowledge in the field of art. By expanding artistic experience into an academy of engagement and exchange, it offers both a playground and a radical syllabus at odds with institutionalised learning. Accompanying the 2018 edition, this reader includes the keynote lecture by Nora Sternfeld along with eighteen texts, case studies, research projects, and interviews, from Marija Bozinovska Jones’s work on data-fied selfhood in a time of surveillance technologies to Marcus Boon on Catherine Christer Hennix.

144 p, ills colour & bw, 17 x 24 cm, pb, English

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