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New Titles in Design, Fashion & Popular Culture 6 September 2018
Purple 30: Los Angeles

Isbn 17668832
Publisher Purple Institute
Idea code 18441
EUR 30.40

In the past 10 years, a growing interest in Los Angeles has attracted creative people from all over to the city. In this issue, Purple addresses what’s changed in this deracinated and polyethnic California metropolis. It looks into the heart of the city’s peculiar mythology, its legends, values, images, and dreams, old and new. With Zoe Latta, Wes Anderson, Rodarte, Kim Gordon, Alex Israel, Aaron Rose, David Hockney, Bret Easton Ellis, Henry Taylor, and many others.

492 p, ills colour & bw, 24 x 33 cm, hb, English

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Macguffin 06: The Ball

Isbn 24058203
Publisher Macguffin
Idea code 18440
EUR 16.45

Keep your eyes on the ball this autumn with MacGuffin 6. Dedicated to the perfectly shaped object that is the dream of every visionary architect, but a source of great distress to the unsporty among us: the ball. MacGuffin kicks off with spinning ballboys, tumbling plants, rolling meatballs, bouncing planets, utopian bubbles, and the inventor of the smiley, Mr. Harvey Ball himself. Featuring Adania Shibli, Veronique Patteeuw, Jack Self, Scheltens & Abbenes, Paul Gangloff, and many more.

224 p, ills colour & bw, 21 x 28 cm, pb, English

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In And Out Of Fashion

Isbn 9789491444548
Publisher Artez Press
Idea code 18417
EUR 46.25

There’s no escaping fashion. Everyone wears clothes, and that means making choices, always raising the same practical, strategic, political, or entirely irrational question: What should I put on? In this guide, Karin Schacknat has found a new, comprehensive way to illustrate the developments in European clothing and apparel-related behaviour from antiquity to the beginning of the 21st century. From the toga to Dolce & Gabbana, from the 17th century lace collar to Iris van Herpen. So much of what's gone out of fashion has come back in. The book’s many images of historical clothing are enhanced by recent illustrations, film stills, and fashion photos featuring current styles, making this a vast treasure trove of contemporary fashion design ideas.

368 p, ills colour & bw, 18 x 25 cm, pb, English

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A Final Companion To Books From The Simpsons (Updated Version)

Isbn 9783906213248
Publisher Yellow-pages / Rollo
Idea code 18262
EUR 16.45

French graphic designer Olivier Lebrun follows on his previous publications documenting the books that appear in the popular cartoon television series with this anthology of more than 330 images and titles. All have been captured with a black-and-white animation screenshot and catalogued in alphabetical order. Ostensibly the final instalment of this highly personal project by Lebrun, this new, updated edition reflects countless painstaking hours spent scanning episodes, plus the contributions of a large community of fans and readers who provided tips over the years.

640 p, ills bw, 11 x 18 cm, pb, English

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From Eastern Europe

Isbn 9780993581267
Publisher Counter-print
Idea code 18410
EUR 13.20

Featuring work by eighteen graphic design companies, this volume heralds a celebration of creativity from Eastern Europe. It pays particular attention to corporate identity projects from recent years in a selection of work spanning countries like Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Serbia, and Poland, highlighting the changing visual and artistic tastes of this geographic area. With the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, the political landscape of Eastern Europe and beyond changed significantly. Designers flourished on the global scene, reclaiming the dynamic geometry, bold typography, and minimalist use of colour that feels as current today as it did during the revolution.

168 p, ills colour & bw, 17 x 23 cm, pb, English

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Leeds Postcards

Isbn 9781909829114
Publisher Four Corners
Idea code 18374
EUR 16.65

For the past four decades, independent postcard press Leeds Postcards has been making oppositional, inspiring images – activism by design. The name itself represents a defiant rejection of the hegemony of London. The images cover a fascinating range of domestic and international politics, causes, and campaigns in a graphically inventive way. Frequently humorous, over 100 cards tell the story of the struggles as well as progressive political triumphs from 1979 to the present, all capturing the cultural zeitgeist of their time. Over the years they have featured work by a huge number of artists and designers, among them Steve Bell, Jacky Fleming, Ray Lowry, and Angela Martin.

152 p, ills colour & bw, 16 x 22 cm, hb, English

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Weaving - Contemporary Makers On The Loom

Isbn 9789491819896
Publisher Ludion
Idea code 18409
EUR 35.90

Weaving is a centuries-old craft with a fascinating history, and one that continues to evolve. It is being revitalized today by designers, artists, and modern craftspeople all over the world. 'Weaving – Contemporary Makers on the Loom' presents a survey of this vibrant revival, with profiles of over twenty contemporary weavers: Alexandra Kehayoglou designs breath-taking natural landscapes (for the likes of Dries van Noten), while Daniel Harris makes textiles for famous clothing brands using nineteenth century looms. Brent Wadden weaves beautiful, museum-standard fabrics. The book includes beautiful images of their studios, work and inspiration.

224 p, ills colour & bw, 22 x 27 cm, hb, English

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Pansy Beat

Isbn 9780692953099
Publisher Krimskrams Island Llc
Idea code 18452
EUR 38.30

'Pansy Beat' was a short-lived fanzine published by Michael Economy in New York from 1989 to 1990, totaling five quarterly issues. Each issue’s 50-some black-and-white pages documented the exuberant downtown gay and drag club scene of that era and included one free condom. The zine offered a glimpse into an exhilarating alternative universe during the darkest years of the AIDS crisis. Interviews profiled downtown personalities on the verge of global stardom, many still working to this day. New full-colour artwork by some of the original contributors, plus new essays and interviews.

400 p, Ills colour, 15 x 23 cm, pb, English

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Impulse Interviews

Isbn 9781988817071
Publisher Impulse[b]
Idea code 18432
EUR 34.85

‘IMPULSE’ was a Toronto-based cultural magazine active from 1971 to 1990. Remarkably global in perspective, it was distributed and read internationally, publishing some of the most significant practitioners and thinkers of the time. Its innovative style was eclectic, and it understood and presented the visual arts as being interconnected with architecture, literature, design, music, politics, and society. ‘Impulse Interviews’ comprises over 60 interviews with some of the 20th century’s most engaging cultural creators, including Iggy Pop, Frederic Jameson, Andy Warhol, and William Gibson. The interviews are presented in the original, innovative design that was the magazine’s hallmark.

262 p, ills colour & bw, 27 x 27 cm, pb, English

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Byobu Card Book - The Four Seasons In Japan

Isbn 9784861526589
Publisher Seigensha
Idea code 18350
EUR 18.85

This book consists of twelve cards – one for each calendar month – that can be displayed like Japanese folding screens. Pre-cut areas on each card result in surprising three-dimensional forms when they are folded along the indicated lines. Share the beauty of the changing seasons by making the cards a decorative aspect in your home, or by writing a note on the reverse and sending them to friends or loved ones. In addition, the book includes sixteen letter pads printed with Japanese-style motifs. Produced by Porigami, a paper design team run by two women, Tereza Hradilkova in Prague and Kumi Kobayashi in Tokyo, this card book also makes a great gift by itself.

64 p, ills colour, 22 x 15 cm, pb, Japanese/English

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Dutch Type (Reprint)

Isbn 9783982003702
Publisher Druk Editions
Idea code 18529
EUR 62.50

In ‘Dutch Type’, Jan Middendorp presents a comprehensive overview of type design and lettering in the Netherlands, tracing its origins through type designers and lettering artists from the 15th to the 20th centuries. Partly based on interviews, the book also offers insight into the motives and methods of the first generations of digital type designers, featuring published and unpublished typefaces as well as sketches, studies, and samples of lettering work. While the quest for quality and innovation has remained constant, it makes clear that the advent of desktop type has opened up the discipline to a more spontaneous, inventive, and democratic approach.

320 p, ills colour & bw, 23 x 28 cm, hb, English

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Science Of The Secondary 9: Plate

Isbn 9789811163791
Publisher Atelier Hoko
Idea code 18333
EUR 18.00

'Science of the Secondary: Plate' is the ninth edition in the series of ongoing research conceived and developed by Atelier HOKO. "In spite of the plate’s supposed ubiquity, very little is known and discussed of this practical tableware beyond fine craftsmanship or pretty decorations. While the use of plates has long since settled comfortably in our everyday, our daily interactions with the plate are often 'from a distance’ since we almost never have to touch it throughout an entire meal; not especially during one dominated by presumptuous conversations around magnificent tableware that exists only to impress... "

56 p, ills colour & bw, 17 x 25 cm, pb, English

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Communicado! A Complete Kit For Saying What You Really Think

Isbn 9780995518117
Publisher Redstone Press
Idea code 18416
EUR 16.35

There are so many things to say, but it’s often hard to find the right words. Thanks to ‘Communicado!’, this will be less of a worry. The set contains 30 large-format cards – many of them ready to be personalised – that allow you to say exactly what you mean to your friends, family, colleagues, and the world at large. Display them in your home or office, or mail them to a deserving recipient. Life is tough, love is awkward, and communication can seem complicated, but these cards will help simplify it all for you.

30 , ills colour, 16 x 22 cm, box, English

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Dear Howard - Tales Told In Letters

Isbn 9780995518100
Publisher Redstone Press
Idea code 18310
EUR 11.80

Written by antiquarian bookseller David Batterham, this collection of letters to the painter Howard Hodgkin introduces us to a richly bohemian world that we might otherwise never encounter. For several decades Batterham has scoured Europe and beyond in pursuit of the rare and the forgotten. Book dealing can be a solitary way of life, and in these intimate letters he writes with mordant humour about his journeys from Venice to New York, from Copenhagen to Paris, and his encounters with proud book-dealing families, old actors, and mad professors. In sharing his adventures, he reveals a unique and observant eye for food, cultural artefacts, and hidden places.

ills bw, 13 x 20 cm, hb, English

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Redstone Diary 2019: Home

Isbn 9780992831684
Publisher Redstone Press
Idea code 18201
EUR 16.00

The 31st edition of the ‘Redstone Diary’ celebrates the great indoors. Edited by Julian Rothenstein and Sam Sansom, it features apropos quotes for everyday domestic life alongside appealing reproductions of artworks, film stills, posters, and other visual material. Above all, the diary acknowledges that it’s not just a house; it’s a home.

160 p, ills colour & bw, 17 x 25 cm, hb, English

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Psychogames (Reprint)

Isbn 9781870003551
Publisher Redstone Press
Idea code 08370
EUR 29.40

Just what sort of person are you? We think that we know what we are like. But do we? Do others see us as we see ourselves? Psychogames is a fascinating and funny compendium of playful picture tests, games and questionnaires that holds a revealing mirror up to the inner self. A follow up to the hugely successful Psychobox, this new production includes five sets of testing cards, questionnaires and a frustration test, a poster……. and in the bottom of the box: a mirror.

48 , ills colour, 20 x 15 cm, box, English

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